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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I think I saw a ghost chair !

Who doesn't love the look of a ghost chair?
I have previously mentioned how much I adore them & several fellow bloggers have informed me that they are indeed comfortable, SOOO, eventually I will be letting my dream guy know that YES his crazy wife really does want to purchase a couple of these very stylish but virtually invisible chairs!!!
Having a complete lack of interest in anything design related, including fashion, I'm guessing he will scoff at the mere mention of spending his hard earned cash on anything that isn't a tool or doesn't catch a fish, but, fear not fellow bloggers & decorators, nagging, whining & giving the cold shoulder work a treat for this little princess, just don't tell him, LOL!!!

Image via willow decor
I would like my replica ghost chairs to serve me loyaly as desk chairs.

Image via VT Interiors

Because they are clear I will sell them to my dream guy by stating that they visually disappear & therefore reduce the appearance of clutter...
He is a neat & tidy kind a guy!!!

Image via Janet Ewen

 Image via House to Home

They make a lovely addition to this kitchen
Domino Deco Files eclectic dining room
Image via houzz

I am constantly drawn to this image, its so light & airy & almost sparse, not to mention that fabulous candelabra in the corner.
I really do like the look of lots of  glass with silver & white.

Image via House to home

They look fabulous in so many decor styles, especially with a tulip table.

Image via Patricia Gray interiors

Once again paired with glass allowing that fabulous chandelier to take centre stage.

Image via Manolo brides

Can you imagine them as the chairs for your wedding reception, the bride would look as if she was floating, how magical.

Image via willow decor

You can even dress them up with a sheer or lace style slip cover if you get board.

Image from Sarah Richardson

They also make a glamorous addition to a bathroom vanity.

I have discovered so many online stores where you can purchase them & they start at as little as $159( Aussie dollars that is)

image via Obeedoh
Get a full size chair for yourself & a baby size louis for the kids in a colour to co ordinate with their bedroom!!!

An amazing home

JMA traditional exterior

Location, Location, Location!!!

I think I'm in Luuurve....


JMA traditional patio

Is this the most amazing alfresco area you've seen lately. I can see myself entertaining here year round.     
 It would be lovely to sit in front of the fire sharing a bottle of red wine with friends.

Such a stylish open plan kitchen

JMA traditional living room

A lovely sunny lounge area

JMA traditional family room

or a very private sitting room

Is this the fanciest horse stable on the planet, what lucky ponies to reside in such luxury!

JMA or Jim Murphy & Associates are responsible for building this gorgeous home on 11 acres in
Santa Rosa , CA  USA.
 Take a look at their website for a peek at a few more of there spectacular projects.
Any way I'm off to buy a lottery ticket because my dreams just got bigger,
didn't yours?

Monday, June 28, 2010

A fab give away & a new Etsy store

The very talented Laura at My Summer House has just opened her Etsy store & in celebration has decided to have a very generous give away

Images belong to My summerhouse

Laura has a beautiful range of handmade pillows for sale & will even customise things to suit your decor.
Pop on over to Laura's blog to see if you can win two your very own cushions & check out the rest of her range.
Don't forget to take the time to check out her blog while you're there as she is a very clever lady. She always shares images of the great bargains she finds whilst thrifting, not to mention the before & afters of these  bits & pieces. She has tutorials on some of her clever projects & posts beautiful inspiration pics along the way.
I think you'll just love her...I do!!!

P.S only 2 days left to enter, give away closes on the 30th June.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A dream childs Fairy Tale

My dream child No.1 is a very creative soul & is studying art & photography for her HSC. This is a sneak peek of her  Yr 11 major art work.
The title of this creative piece is "Snow white in Never land"
Dream child No.1 has worked tirelessly on this project, making costumes out of garbage bags...
she has stretched, melted , ironed & sewn a multitude of coloured garbage bags to create her version of Snow white, Tinkerbell & a lost boy. She made a newspaper hat, arm & wrist bands from wool & feathers, painted  & feathered a set of fairy wings  & even created a giant  80's style hair bow for Snow white from a strawberry scented garbage bag, not to mention the make up, face paint & hair teasing that added the final finishing touch. 
My house was a MESS!!!  

This is the artist herself!!!

Tinkerbell, our dream child No.4

The lost boy, our dream child No.3

He really did enjoy posing for the camera!!!

The gorgeous Snow white is a best friend

they climbed into all sorts of awkward places...


Don't you just love these wings...


Mother nature was kind enough to provide her with a perfectly sunny winters day...


Tinkerbell enjoyed every moment of her modelling career!!!

Hours of work have gone into this garbage bag tutu & corset.

There are over 300 photos of the day in many locations & now it all has to be presented  into her version of a vintage story book, there is editing to be done & a fairytale to be written ,but I think she will get great marks just for the costumes & the concept itself.

I wonder what wonderful creation she will come up with for her final work next year before she graduates?

Good Luck my dream girl !!!!Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Have you got a basement?

Have you got a basement at your house?
In my dream house plan we do have a downstairs area, that, could almost be classed as a basement really.
It will open at one end which will be the garage, providing enough space to park 2 cars. It will also open at the back of the house, which is the only place where we will have windows, the rest will be underground.

Finished Basement modern family room

We want to use part of the area for the kids activity room, so it needs to house a TV & desk area for computers, some shelving for books & toy storage.There will be a small bathroom down here as well.

Basement rec room media room

We will also have a sofa bed here for guests to sleep on as we won't be having a guest bedroom.

Basement Remodeling Projects executed by our TBF Dealers. eclectic

Basement Remodeling Projects executed by our TBF Dealers. eclectic

This is how I intend to use the rest of my basement space. I love owning my own exercise equipment & it gets used by my teenage daughters as well as myself (when Im not to busy blogging).
The challenge will be incorporating all of these uses into this space & still making it visually appealing.I would like to make it a relaxed & fun space as upstairs will have more of a formal feel to it!

I will be trying to create zones without blocking the natural light, seen as though we only have windows at one end of the room.
 There will obviously be a wall to close the garage off from this area.

Recreational Room contemporary media room

I'm sure this is what my dream guy would LIKE to see in the basement!!!

Ryan Associates - New Homes - Northern California Residence mediterranean staircase

Doesn't this cute door just make you want to take a peak inside....

Leschi traditional family room

There is nothing like a window seat to add a feeling of cosiness.

The basement or downstairs area is all stuff that we will be completing after we move in, rather than paying our builder, as it adds to much onto the cost of the house. I am glad about this as I am a very visual person & feel I am going to need to see this area before I can design a decent layout for the furniture & gym equipment.

If you have any advice, ideas or images feel free to send them my way, I will be starting with a brick shell, plumbing for a bathroom & a stair case, so anything is possible.

Trish xx

All images via Houzz

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ive been tagged & I liked it!!!

I have been tagged by two very lovely ladies to play a fun Question & Answer game. Nellie at Mccarthy designs. & Janette at My sweet prints have bestowed this owner upon me & I have to say I qiet enjoyed it. Here are the questions & my  crazy answers....

1.If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I think everyone would like to live here, but even just a night or 2 in the Hamptons beach house from the movie 'Somethings gotta give" would be a dream come true

Cocktails by my pool anyone?

2. What is your favorite band?
I don't think I could say I have a favourite band, but those that know me would probably say I do enjoy music from the 80's...Ahhh good times!!!

3. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
Just for today I would like to be Julia Gillard. The first FEMALE Prime Minister of Australia.
Now I'm not one to show to much interest in politics, but I can only imagine the pride & jubilation she must be feeling right now!!!!

Look out fellas a women has just busted the boys club wide open!!!

I guess Julia Gillard has smashed that glass ceiling....
Great inspiration for the females of our country!!!

4. Concert or Broadway show?
I would love a good Broadway show!!!

5. Theme song for your life? I took a tip from Nellie on this one & did this quiz, Whats you're theme song quiz  It came back with U2 " A beautiful day". I do enjoy U2, so I was happy with the result!!!

6. Would you choose a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant or a picnic in the park?
Definitely the fancy dinner, but I would need to go shopping for something to wear as Fancy dinners are a rare treat around here.

 I would love to try a seafood platter at Scratchleys on Honeysuckle, Newcastle, NSW Australia

7. Favorite place to shop?
I don't know that I have a  particular favourite place to shop, but I do know where ever I go, should have a nice coffee shop for me to get a caffeine fix whilst I'm there...Yes I am addicted to coffee!!!

8. Favorite movie?
I love anything with Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller in it, they make me laugh, & on the romance side of things, who could go past "The Note Book", by far the most romantic tear jerker I have ever seen.

So now its my job to tag a few other bloggers....
No need to feel obligated to participate as we all know time is precious!!!

So go check out all of these great blogs if you have'nt already & I hoped you enjoyed my question & answer time!!!

Trish xxx

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