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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sydney Stop over

We took a mini break this weekend & stayed a couple of nights in Sydney
We visited Sydney Tower so we could show the kids the view

We stayed at Darling Harbour, my son was obsessed with the military ships at the Maritime Museum


I got to enjoy some early morning photography

I love the mix of old & new when it comes to the cities architecture

Ah the Harbour bridge, its always a thrill to drive across it, one day I would love to do the bridge climb!!!


The Sea Life Aquarium was fantastic & a real high lite for the kids

I probably should have used a lens hood for this pic to eliminate the glare from the sun.
We really had a great time & I look forward to going back again soon, there is so much to see & do in Sydney not to mention all the fabulous restaurants you have to choose from.
Good Times ahead I would say!!!!
What great stuff did you get up to this weekend?
Trish xxx


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dream house Kitchen Design

Like in most homes the kitchen really is the heart of the home & this is something that was very much on my mind when it came to planning the kitchen for the dream house.
It will be the most used room in the house so it needs to be functional, spacious, easy to keep clean but  also stylish & welcoming all at the same time.....Lets hope I am able to achieve all of the above!!!

I do apologise for the poor iphone images, I was experiencing a few technical difficulties but couldn't wait to share them with you.
Im loving the island, the space on the left is for the microwave, an appliance I can't live without, but one that I would like hidden from view.
We will be having a french door style fridge.
This image is so small its probably a waste of time putting it on here, I promise I will show you a better image of this plan when I have these issues sorted out!!!
These are the inspiration pics I gave to the Terry from
they are all from my pinterest board of course!
He then designed the kitchen that I had pictured in my head.
The concealed rangehood, small glass display cupboards above the overhead cupboards & a nice simple island for my family to sit at.
This should all compliment the rest of the dream house decor perfectly!
I am so happy with the design, I cant wait to see it built.
It goes without saying that all of the cabinetry will be white & my bench tops will be
20mm thick Quantum Quartz in Carrara
It looks very similar to Carrara marble.
 I would love to have the real thing but it just isnt practical in my home. My kids spill things all of the time & because marble is so absorbant the stains would be horrendous, something I don't think I could live with, so....
I shall have to fake it.
 I really don't mind though, the quantum quartz is a fantastic hard wearing product & it looks fabulous as well.
You can check out the range of colours on the website

These images are from  the Planit Kitchen gallery, as you can see the quality of their work is fantastic
I work for a building company & we only use Planit Kitchens in our homes.
Love this pantry!!
Planit Kitchens are based on The NSW Central Coast, they have a show room in Erina, look them up if you are planning a new kitchen.
I am also using these guys for my bathroom vanities & laundry fit out which I will share with you in another post.
Im looking forward to your thoughts & suggestions.
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Trish xxx

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Decorating in Blue & White

Im loving all of the blue & white ginger jars, plates bowl & lamps everyone is using in their vignettes of late.
This is a true classic style when it comes to decorating, a trend that never fades.
Its definately nothing new & i certainly don't beleive its ever going to be old or
"so last year!"
Adding a few pieces of coral or a beautiful but sizeable sea shell gives a stylish coastal theme

Add some flowers & you can completey change the look again
I especially love orchids for a more formal style
Shabby chic anyone.....

Whether you are looking for an oriental style pattern


or a simple floral design, the end result is still the same....beautiful!!
Cup of tea anyone ?
As you can see, this is a very versatile decorating style that gives you the option of changing up your decor depending on the look & feel you are after
Coastal, country, formal or casual.
I will definately be seeking the perfect pieces for the dream house decor when it comes time to do the fun stuff....decorating!!!!
Do you have a fabulous blue & white ginger jar or an orchid in a planter pot, a tea pot would make a fabulous addition, don't you think ????
All images are souced from Pinterest
Trish xxx

Friday, April 5, 2013

A birthday girl

My baby turned six this week
She is a rather shy little thing, but really enjoys her birthday...

She loves rainbows & requested a rainbow cake
3 of her favourite people helping with the cake eating mission

She lost her front teeth this week, just in time for her birthday 

She had two birthday requests, roller blades

and a new bike.
Happy Birthday gorgeous girl !!!
Trish xxx

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