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Sunday, October 30, 2011

For the love of an organised space

Be still my beating heart!!!

This my friends is an office, craft room & laundry all in one & I have to say it is the most incredible space I have seen in a while.

It is the work of American company

You should pop by their website & take a peak, there is so much eye candy.

I think I'm in luuuurrve!!!

Does anyone else have a passion for organisation like this?

Have a lovely, organised, week everyone !!

Trish xxx

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feel the serenity

No words required really...

Can't you just feel the gentle breeze coming off the water, what a fabulous place to relax.

Feel the serenity my friends!!!

Trish xx

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pottery Barn mirror & dream house update

In my last post, as you know, I was dreaming about this fabulous mirror from Pottery Barn & wondering had anybody seen something like this available here in Australia
would I have to go to the expense of having it sent out from the US, if I really really wanted it in my dream home.

Well, the wonderful land of blogging truly is a valuable resource & the very helpful & ultra stylish Melinda from
Melinda is mid way thru a major renovation of her own home & I really love her style. She has some really great ideas & always gives me lots of inspiration.
 She is also a super sleuth when it comes to researching & finding just the right decorator items to get the finish she is after.
 If you haven't seen her lovely blog you really should pop over & take a peek!!!

Any way Melinda  found a similar mirror at
for a mere $59.
Now I am fortunate enough that Recollections have a Newcastle store which is only a 40 minute drive from my home so I will be able to go check this baby out in person. What a great excuse for a little shopping trip.

I don't know about you but I am always a little fearful of ordering something online....will it look as good in real life as it does in the image.

Image via Rehkamp Larson Architecture

Image via Alamode

These are my ensuite inspiration images, the second one is my all time favourite & is from a movie scene, I just don't recall which movie!

Now  the dream house plans are still slowly progressing thru the council building approval department, we had to give them some more information this week, so at least we know our plans are actually being looked at.

Unfortunately we still haven't managed to sell our old house, we have four interested buyers, the only hic cup being that they have to sell their own homes first & the market seems to be at a stand still in Lithgow...
Oh the frustration!!

Mind you there is lots that we can still do leading up to building the actual house. We still need to build a fence down one side & across the front, we have some more retaining walls to go in & we can also continue on with concreting the drive way. When I say "we" I really mean the dream guy, he he he!!

So fingers crossed for council approval on our development application, a house sale in the Blue Mountains.
In the meantime I think I need to take a little trip to Recollections to investigate some mirrors!!

Have a fantastic week everyone & thank you for all of your lovely comments & wonderful, I really do love & appreciate every one of them.

Do you love seeing new comments on your latest post?
I am a little like a small child getting a letter in the post, I can't wait to see what it says!!!

Trish xxx

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I just love these oval mirrors from

Its called the Sussex Pivot Mirror and is $261 plus shipping of course which is another $96.
 Now I do believe that this is still a reasonable price for what it is, as I have found mirrors can be rather pricey here in Australia,
If anyone has seen something similar in our lovely country I would love to know about it. After all it is better to shop locally & keep Aussies in jobs!

It is nice however to see we are able to get things shipped here from Pottery Barn,things that just aren't available here. I fall in love with so many things that I see on some of my favourite US blogs that come from this store.

How about you, do you lust after American decor?

Do you have any hot Aussie mirror tips for me?

Trish xxx

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Problem solved

Thank you all of my lovely commenter's who gave me some great advice on my inability to leave comments on any blogs.
I have to wonder why you can cruise along problem free & then all of a sudden things just don't work any more. This drives me a little nuts, but I guess each time I experience these inconvenient little glitches, I learn something new in order to fix it!!!

Image via porch light interiors

So the cure was to enable third party cookies.
I did this by clicking on
 "TOOLS" up on the tool bar.
Scroll down & select
then push the dial down until it says
"Accept All Cookies"

I use Internet explorer & this has worked for me.

I would love to say I'm off to enjoy this fabulous pool, but....... dreaming is free, he he he!!!!

I am off to check out a few blogs & leave a comment tho....YAY!!!

Trish xxx

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Disappearing Comments

Hi everyone,
 I hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

The weather isn't being particularly kind here, it is supposed to be spring, but it actually feels a lot like winter, it is raining, cold & miserable
I have spent my weekend sewing some new cushions & I will reveal them as soon as they are all complete, it has been fun to do something a little creative!!

Image via Decor Pad

Now I  also been popping by every ones blogs this week, but for some reason when I try to leave a comment, as soon as I post it it disappears.

I tried searching for an answer in the google help section but got no joy.

Has this been happening to anyone else?
Does anyone know how to fix it?

Help me please...somebody....I'm not good at remaining silent, LOL!!!!

Here's hoping for some sunshine for the last week of our school holidays & an aswer to my little problem!!!

Trish xxx

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