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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Buying Bed Linen

There is nothing nicer than making your bed for the first time with fabulous new bed linen...
or is this just a sensation I experience???
We recently purchased a new mattress for our king size bed, but it is much thicker than the previous mattress & believe it or not, the king size quilt cover is about 10cm too narrow to cover it.
When I make my bed I have to line it up so the side you look at when you walk in the door is covered & the window side  has the sheets exposed.
Thankfully there is a solution to this problem, its called the 'Super King'.
A traditional King is  245 x 210cm
The Super king is 270 x 240cm
So Ive done a little online retail therapy & this is what I bought
The Ascot seafoam quilt set.
I have only purchased the quilt & basic pillow cases & I think once it arrives I might go & get some fabric to sew a few cushions in various sizes to dress it up a little.
I have purchased this from an online store called
I will let you know how it pans out.
I would love a white quilt but I plan to save that for the dream house.
 I want it to be sparkling & new when I move in & if the speed we are currently travelling at with getting organised for building this house is any indication of how long the build will take, then my quilt will be old & worn by the time we move in.
We had expected to be started by mid may but the dream guy has changed his plan of attack & still hasn't finished quoting it so it could be months before there is any action.
He is currently building a kitchenette in his shed/mancave seen as though we will spend all of our spare time there once the building begins, he has already built a bathroom.
Have you purchased any new linen lately?
Where do you do your online shopping & what keeps you going back there???
Trish xxx



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dream house bathroom progress

Well the dream house is progressing to the point where it is almost ready to begin.
Just waiting on a few more quotes to arrive for final costing & the surveyors to come & peg a few things out so all of the floor levels are perfect.
I have to say I am ridiculously excited at this point & cant wait to see some  dirt getting dug up!!
I have pretty much finalised the bathroom, ensuite & laundry selections with the vanities & laundry cabinets designed & quoted, the tiles are all quoted & just waiting on a quote for tap ware toilets & bathtub.
The only choices left to make are the light fittings & blinds, but there is no immediate rush for those,
Source Porchlight Interiors
This is my inspiration for the bathroom & I have been fortunate  enough to find a ceramic basket weave tile just like the ones in the pic. I will also have the white border tile.
You guessed it, white subway tiles on the wall with a nice white capping tile. There will also be a strip of pencil tiles just to add a little more interest as I have gone white for everything.
You can check out more of my home inspiration here on my 
Pinterest boards.
I will be having two recesses in each shower to store all of the necessities.
My vanity designs have been drawn up & will be custom built by Planit Kitchens who are also doing the kitchen & laundry.
A close up of my floor tiles, I found these babies at
Jacoba Tiles which are one of my local tile stores, you can read about my last attempt a sourcing tiles locally here
Price wise they were very reasonable which made me very happy.
Lets hope it all comes together as I am imagining it !
Any advice or suggestions gladly accepted as at this point it is all just quotes,nothing ordered so its not to late to change if I am making some horrendous design faux pas.
Trish xxx

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stools & Chairs for the Dream house decor

Back in February I did a post on updating my dining tables by buying new chairs, you can read it HERE
if you would like to catch up on my chair dilema's
To match or not to match....this is the question.
Silver Tolix Chair
Any way after that post the lovely people from
emailed me to say that they had the replica versions of the cross back & Tolix chairs I covet, at a much cheaper price than most & after checking out their website I discovered they are true to their word.
Red Tolix Chair Side View
You can get yourself a set of 4 replica Tolix chairs for just $275
That's right peeps, I did say 4!!!
Provincial Cross back chair - White
Provincial Cross backs, a set of 2 for between $199 & $225
Provincial Cross back Chair - Natural
With a variety of colours to chose from.
Union Jack Bedside Table
They don't just have chairs & stools, I just love this union jack bedside table !!!!
Pop on over for a peek at
Now this is in NO WAY a sponsored post, I have not received anything for writing this post, I just like my followers to know if there is a bargain to be had.
In exchange for doing this post Stools & Chairs have offered YOU, my loyal followers the opportunity for an extra saving.
If you do make a purchase from them just use the coupon code
at the checkout to save $25 off your order for the entire month of MAY.
Happy shopping everyone!!!!
I'm so excited about this one, make sure you let me know if you buy something, I love hearing about a shopping spree :)
Trish xxx

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