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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How we make cake pops & celebrate a 7th Birthday

Naw, this gorgeous little cherub has just turned 7 & of course we had to celebrate with a party
12 crazy giggling girls all under one roof for 3 hours.
It was heaps of fun but I highly recommend only having a 2 hour party as they seemed to start to crash & burn at the 2 hour mark. 

Of course whats a party without cake pops.
I thought I would show you how we make them at our house because I am NO whizz in the kitchen but everyone loves my cake pops.
 I figure if I can make them anyone can!!

First up I cook a cake, generally I just use a packet mix. You can use any flavour you like. I often do one chocolate & one vanilla so we have 2 different flavours to choose from.
Once your cake is cooked & cooled just crumble it, if it has crispy edges just slice them off first as they wont crumble finely & you will get lumps that will cause your cake pops to fall apart.

I then mix up a batch of icing:
1 cup icing sugar
2 tablespoons of margarine or butter
1 tablespoon of water
Mix it all together until smooth & then stir it into the crumbled cake mix until it all becomes sticky.
Now I roll it into a big ball, wrap it in plastic & pop it into the fridge for a few hours or even overnight.
I find the cake pops stick together better when they are cold

Now the fun begins.
Roll chunks of the mix into balls & place on a baking tray, you can do them any size you like but remember the bigger they are the heavier they will be & may fall off the stick in the chocolate dipping process if you make them to big.

Melt a small amount of chocolate in a coffee cup, just for dipping the sticks into & then push the choc dipped stick into the cake pop & return these to the fridge to set for 10 min or so.
Some people like to put them in the freezer at this stage. I never have so can't vouch for the result.

I forgot to photograph this next step but once again using a coffee mug fill it 3/4 full with choc melts & pop them into the microwave, it takes about 1 min to melt them.
You will have to do several batches of this to cover them all but if you melt to much at once it will cool & you wont be able to work with it. Reheating the chocolate seems to turn it to a clumpy mess.
Stir them well so the chocolate is smooth & then add about a tablespoon of any vegetable oil you have.
This keeps the chocolate a smoother consistency & makes it easier to work with.
I used white chocolate & just added food colouring to get the aqua & pink colours

So now you just dip your cake pop in the chocolate, twirl it & tap it to remove the excess.
If you want to add glitter or sprinkles do this as soon as you finish dipping each cake pop as its to late once the chocolate sets.
I stood mine on baking paper as I was only planning on standing them on white platters.
If you want to be more decorative then pierce holes in a box, cover it in plastic wrap & pop them into that so they are upright & remain round...mine had flat bottoms.

Ta Da here are my delicious calorie laden cake pops ready for all of those hungry little girls at the dance party!!!

For entertainment we had a disco, bubble blowing & a photo both which the girls really enjoyed

My son was the handsome DJ & did a fantastic job

We made fairy floss cocktails
Pop some fairy floss in a glass & top with lemonade, it fizzes up & turns the lemonade the colour of the fairy floss.
The girls loved it & couldn't wait to tell there parents about this amazing trick....ah the simple things!!

The birthday girl requested an Ice cream cake from the supermarket so I got off easy there.

Whats a party without tissue paper pom poms & a disco ball

We got this bubble machine for $10 at Kmart & it worked a treat

Well I hoped you enjoyed my Cake Pop tutorial & our little party. This party girl had to take a nap afterwards so we know she had a great time...Me...I had some serious cleaning up to do!!!

Trish xx

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dream House Decor celebration SALE


We have made our first Facebook milestone of 500 followers.

I am so happy about this.
Next week we will have been trading for 3 months, it actually feels so much longer than that.

At this stage business is still very slow, as you can imagine. Starting an online store from scratch was NEVER going to be easy but it is something I am enjoying.
I desperately hope I can get it to a point where it earns me some sort of income as it is great to be able to work life around my kids. They love having me at home rather than at work or exhausted..
We are enjoying so much more family time, better meals & a tidier house as well.

So hopefully we can kick a few more goals in the next three months. I have so many wonderful plans for my business & its hard to be patient...that whole crawl before you walk concept frustrates me to no end. I am more of a hit the ground running kind of girl.
It is a good lesson in restraint, which I am sure will make me a much wiser & level headed business person in the future & I like the idea of that!!

We are having a SALE to celebrate this little milestone.
Your discount is applied when you pop your products into the shopping cart.
For a lot of our products once they sell out we wont restock but rather get new items, so if you love it the grab it while you can.

We also have a GIVE AWAY running at the moment with the beautiful Melli at
Today is the final day so be quick.

If you would like to win a piece of Melli's beautiful art work & one of our handmade cushions then pop over & LIKE both Facebook pages & SHARE the post on your wall
Jump on Instagram & REGRAM this post, you will find it on either of our Instagram pages.
You need to tag both
 @dreamhousetrish &@sincerelymelli
 plus add the hashtag

Its been great teaming up with Melli for this give away, I definitely have a few people in mind that I will be giving some of Melli's art to for birthday presents this year...shhhh, you cant tell them!!!

Thank you for you support everyone.

Trish xx

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