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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Christmas Inspiration

Do you have a Christmas theme or colour scheme?

Each year I try to change it up a little, although I have recycled the gold, silver & white them 2 years running just because I got a new tree last year so I got to change my look without changing the theme. I know, I may be a little obsessed. Christmas ornaments can be expensive so I generally only change a few elements from year to year so as not to get to out of control with the decorating budget & I blew my budget on my new tree last year......oops!
I also like co ordinate my wrapping to my tree to complete the look, do you do this as well?

I'm not a tinsel fan but I do like to use white feather boa's.

 They are a great inexpensive way to fill the gaps in your tree as well! 

Of course you cant forget the rest of the house, you've just got to keep the whole theme going right.....

This year I"m planning to add a little pink to my Christmas scheme, pink, gold & white should have me covered.
I started to drift in that direction last year without realizing it, just because I had beautiful fresh hydrangeas from my garden that I couldn't resist placing around the house.

 I would love to decorate pink, copper & white but I am determined to not over spend in this area, so I will just be adding a few inexpensive pink decorations to my already extensive collection of Christmas bits & bobs.I don't imagine the copper trend will hang around long term where as gold & silver will always remain classics.

I love the idea of using pink hydrangeas on the tree, which I can also use around the house at other times of the year as well so they could be a multi use expense.

What do you have planned for you Christmas decorating this year, do you have an uncontrollable urge to change things up each year like me or are you much wiser & happy to decorate your tree the same every year?

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Trish xx

P.S All of the images above are my own from my past 3 Christmas's, thankfully I can see my photography & styling has also improved over time, there is hope for me yet, he he he!!!

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