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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Custom cushion

Ive been getting kind of busy sewing a few cushions lately.
I made this one for my eldest daughters 19th birthday.

Now I can't take all of the credit for this burst of creativity as I did gain my inspiration from another blogger
Bec has a full tutorial on how she made her fabulous cushion, so if your looking for tips pop on over!!
But here's a few snaps of mine in progress.

I traced the skull outline onto the paper of some fusible interfacing & then ironed it onto my doily

Cut out the shape

I used Panne velvet for my cushion as I couldn't find any regular velvet, it was a bit painful to work with I thought.... but gave a good end result.

I ironed it onto my fabric & then used black embroidery cotton to stitch around all of the raw edges of the doily

I then stitched the two squares of fabric together with my sewing machine, leaving an opening at the bottom to pop the cushion insert in, I then hand stitched it closed. My original plan was to insert a hidden zipper, but my over locker isn't currently working so I was unable to put a decent edge on the fabric. This made it impossible to get the zipper in neatly. Like I said before, this fabric was a pain to work with, it slips, slides, stretches & frays very easily.

TA DA!!!

 What do you think of my skull cushion?
Dream child No1 loved it!!!

Trish xxx

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Backyard fun

My kids love digging in the sandpit or doing flips & tricks on the trampoline. Ive always wanted a cool kids backyard, so all of the kids  wanted to hang out at my place, that way I would know what they're up to.
 I'm renting so I just have a basic backyard, but we do have swings, sandpit & trampoline & often plenty of kids visiting to enjoy it.
 I have however realised by having heaps of kids, over if your not careful your fridge & pantry cupboard can be emptied very quickly. We have had to set rules with the kids about not handing out food without my say so, otherwise we have nothing left for the lunch boxes for the week.

Is this the most stylish sand pit on the planet, not to mention tidy, our sandpit toys lay strewn all over the sandpit.... all of the time!!!

A cubby with its own deck, the perfect play area really. I can see some mini Adirondack chairs would be the perfect accessory for this one, the kids could relax & enjoy slurping on an icy!!!

Love love love the trampoline sunken into the ground.
 This time of the year where we live it gets pretty windy & you often see trampolines blown across yards, damaging anything in there path. This would be a great solution to that problem.

Do you have an awesome kids back yard with lots of neighborhood kids dropping by to play?

Trish xxx

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mining tour

Ive been pretty focused on fashion of late & this is definitely not one of my regular out fits.
My husband works as an electrician in an underground coal mine & recently took me on a tour underground.
I got to wear gumboots, safety glasses, a hard hat & a self rescuer(in case I needed oxygen to escape the mine)
You cant take electronic devices underground so I dont have any other pics to share.
I thought I might be a bit scared but surprisingly I wasn't.
It was very interesting seeing the whole process & checking out some of the machinery they use, now I know what the dream guy is talking about when he is telling me about his day!!!

All in all, if the opportunity arose, I would highly recommend you take a tour, you will have a new appreciation for the danger our miners face & the fact that they are willing to get so dirty to earn a wage

Have you ever been in an underground mine?

Trish xxx

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