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Sunday, February 19, 2012

She's here

A brand new lap top......

I cant beleive how fast it is, now I will be able to pop by and say Hi to everyone in no time.


Trish xxx

Monday, February 13, 2012

Theres been a crash!

A crash of the technology kind!!!

My laptop has crashed, so I am sneaking a turn on someone else's right now just to let you know...
I am temporarily

 My laptop died about 10 days ago now. She was 8 yrs old( which is a dinosaur in the computer world)   We have spent lots of hours together over the years, especially since I discovered blogging.

I feel like I have lost my best friend, luckily she can be replaced, Shhhhh,  don't tell her, he he he!!!

The lovely people from Dell will send something my way ASAP, thanks to the dream guy & his credit card.

I will be sure to drop by & introduce my new peacock blue bestie in the very near future.

AAAHHHH, she is going to be sooooo much faster than the old girl..
Im so excited

Trish xxx

P.S Sorry for the lack of pics, guys just don't keep pretty inspiration files!

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