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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Farewell 2012, What a year!

Happy New Year my friends!!!
I cant believe 2012 is coming to a close already.
Its been such an incredible year full of ups & downs, I would even say life changing in our household.
For 2012 I set myself a few goals, I wanted to be
I wanted to get myself into some sort of consistent routine with my fitness training, I wanted to be a yummy mummy!!
Well I did get it all together for a while there & I was feeling pretty good about myself, BUT & theres always a BUT,
I got a full time job & haven't managed to be organised to exercise much since, so, as you can imagine this one is back on the goal list for 2013

I also wanted to be
This I did do, I got more creative with my photography & I did a fair bit of sewing & some great party styling, right down to making a fantastic prop box for a photo booth at parties, which has been a real hit & left us with some fun memories.
My last goal for 2012 was to show
when I communicate
My marriage was going through some pretty tough times & I was desperately unhappy in life, so I had 2 choices.
I could throw it all away
speak up & fight for what I felt was right & change it!
Well finding the courage to speak up brought about some pretty awful days, followed by lots of change & I have to say, this is the happiest my life has been for a VERY long time.
So it turns out that 2012 has been a very tough year but well worth the fight.

I'm hoping 2013 might go a little slower as we have so many big & exciting things happening in life this year, it would be great to take the time to notice them & live in the moment a little!!
I have been working full time(45hr week) for 2 months now & I have so much to learn in my job its not funny, but I really am enjoying the challenge.
It feels good to know I am building myself a new career. I turn 42 this year & really felt that this was my last opportunity to have a big career change.
Dream child No1 starts her studies in fashion design at Billie Blue design college in Sydney & has just moved into her first apartment, all by herself. She is so grown up & mature, I'm so proud & excited for her!!!
Dream child No2 did 10 months as a hairdressing apprentice this year, but due to a not so pleasant work environment decided it wasn't the career for her & has since quit & gotten a traineeship in Business Admin which starts if feb2013.
Dream child No3 has really come a long way, its safe to say we have this ADHD under wraps with diet & homeopathic treatments, NO drugs. He has lots of lovely friends these days, not just the other naughty kids. He goes into Yr5 this year & has also been elected as sports captain for his house at school.
Dream child No4 has graduated from kindergarten & is now a big Yr1 kid in school, she has had a great year & learnt so much it blows my mind, she also caught every cold, flu virus & bug including  head lice so I think she should have a good immune system for the year ahead!!!
There are some intersting things occuring on the dream house front as well, which I will save for another post.
So I'm expecting
to be a fabulous year full of rewards from lots of hard work.
My goals are to be
Organised, Efficient & Consistent.
I want to be organised enough that I can exercise consistently & be efficient enough that my house stays tidy & organised while I fit in this busy work schedule around my mummy duties. I also want to ensure I keep communicating with the dream guy so our relationship stays positive.
Any tips GREATLY appreciated!!!
What are your goals for 2013, I would love to hear them, they keep me inspired.
Trish xx

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A christmas catch up!

A little late I know, but
Merry Christmas everyone!!!
This year we decorated our tree in multi colours, which was fun. I really need a new tree for next year as ours is a little old & kind of gappy, which is why there is no pics of the full tree, its not worthy of beautiful blog land!!!!
Im hoping I can talk the dream guy into letting me buy one from .Balsam hill whilst they have a 50% off sale so that next year I experience no christmas tree shame, he he he!!!

We took a trip out to Hunter Valley Gardens for their "Lights Spectacular" & it certainly lived up to its name

The displays are incredible & well worth the visit!

I want a snowman like this for my garden!!!

We only have one little one left that still believes in santa which is kind of sad, but it was fun watching the older kids play along with the game.
Santa was good to us all this year. My kids had ipods on the top of their wish lists this year which turned out to be a good thing, seen as though we experienced torrential rain for 90% of the day. It would have been a shame if we had done outdoors gifts!
 We hosted Christmas lunch at our house with family & neighbors which made for a really great day & as usual, we all ate far to much food.
I hope everyone had a safe & happy Christmas & I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to 2013
How did you spend your Christmas day?
Trish xx

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Best wedding ever!

My sister Erin & her partner Adam got married a couple of weekends ago & I have to say,
it was the BEST wedding ever!!!
You may already know Ez from her blog
She had mum & dad walk her down the aisle/beach which was really beautiful
The lovely groom shed a tear or 2 when he saw her walking down the beach &.....
so did I!!!!
She was certainly a stunning bride, don't you think!!
I got to do all of the hair, with the help of my gorgeous dream  child no2 as my assistant, she did a lifetimes worth of GHD curls for me to pin up.
Our mum created all of the stunning bouquets, a friend Bree did the make up & a very
clever friend Meagan has taken the most incredible photo's.
This is how big our family has grown so far, mum & dad started with us 4 kids, now there are 4 partners & 7 grandchildren & no doubt there will be more of those to come!!
Its so nice to have a decent photo together, Meagan has taken some family pics for us, I can't wait to see them!
This is my aunt with my 2 beautiful daughters.
The reception was planned to perfection & ran perfectly, not a single hic cup all night. 
All in all it was a great day & a fantastic family get together for a beautiful couple.
 Its a real pleasure to call Adam my new little brother & I know he & Ez will have a great life together!!!
What do you think, is this the most gorgeous wedding ever?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My new job

I am so excited to share some news with you...
I started a new job this week as a New Homes Sales Consultant with a company called

My office is in this gorgeous display home, pop by the website & check it out. Its called the
 Mitchell 6 & its simply stunning!

I'm working in a full time position, Monday to Friday & I have just completed my first week.
I really enjoyed it & have learnt so much that by Friday I thought my head might explode & there is still so so much more to know. Its such a great feeling to be challenging myself in this way again. The people I work for & with are all really lovely which makes it so easy to go there each day
So if you don't hear from me much, I haven't forgotten you or anything & I am still keen to blog, I will just be a little time poor when it comes to my personal interests.
The dream guy has been doing a fabulous job at being Mr mum & the school daddy. I leave home pretty early of a morning so my little ones are still sleeping & he has had to learn to do a ponytail on dream child no4 who has hair to her waist. On the first day he rang the neighbor & got her to do it, but after a couple of lessons, he has improved a little each day, we might make a hairdresser out of him yet, he he he.
 I have a little chuckle when the kids tell me about some of the hi cups that occur, but I give him a 10/10 for effort!!!
Do you have a Mr mum getting the kids to school each day?
 I would love to hear your funny stories!!
Trish xxx

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hens Day fun & games

My gorgeous little sister is getting married in 2 weeks time so last weekend we celebrated with the traditional hens day.

This is the beautiful bride herself
The dress code for the day was little black dress & big wig...
I might have taken it a bit far, as you will soon see...
Wigs don't come much "bigger" than that, he he he!!!
The mother daughter shot!!!

The bride with our mum(on the left) & her adopted mum with the star glasses!!!

The bride with her AWESOME bridesmaids.
these girls are by far the best bridesmaids EVER!!
They put on a great hens day, we had a high tea in the afternoon, then popped on a bus called "The Happy Cabby" it was a karaoke tour to 3 mystery restaurants for entree, main & dessert. It was great fun, the food was fantastic &  everyone got in on the karaoke!!!

We also had a fun time posing with photo props at the high tea.
Any way the wedding will be on a beach in 2 weeks so the attire will be completely different & the hair will be a little tamer.
I am the hairdresser on the day & I'm also working on the table decorations & helping style the reception, I can't wait.
I will be posting some pictures of the wedding for sure, a bit of a before & after.
Have a fabulous week everyone, I have so much to tell you at the moment & no time to blog, but I am trying to catch up.
Trish xxx

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A special birthday & an ADHD update

I can't believe my most favourite little man on the planet has turned 10 years old today, reaching double digits is a milestone in any kids life wouldn't you say, no longer a little kid, but not yet a teenager...a tween!!!
Now for those of you that have followed my blog for a while know that this gorgeous little man has not come without challenges as he has ADHD ( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or if you want to simplify it a little, cheeky, annoying, obnoxious,aggressive, demanding ,challenging & difficult in general,lucky we love him bucket loads, no seriously there are lots of good qualities in this little bombshell as well!!
If your interested in catching up on our ADHD story you can read this post
here it tells our story of where we were a year ago. I have just re read it myself & it made me cry, you really do forget how things were once you move past that time in your life.
It was recommended by the psychologist that we get to a paediatrician & get our child onto a good dose of Ritalin,I wasn't keen to go down this path & thankfully we haven't had to. Through the help of our fantastic naturopath I can proudly say this little guy is now like a regular average "obnoxious" long as we keep him on the right diet...avoiding wheat, dairy & additives 102 & 211 where ever possible, we basically try to avoid processed foods. We continue to take the herbal supplements prescribed by the naturopath each month & after a 9month wait we finally got the call from the paediatricians office to schedule an appointment. I was able to say "Thanks but no thanks, we are doing just fine! "
We have moved him to a new school this year & I didn't feel it necessary to notify them of the ADHD as he was definitely a different kid. I didn't want him to be labelled as a problem child from day one, I wanted to see how he was judged by his current behavior.
 Well we got his half yearly report which by the way left me "gobsmacked", it was EXCELLENT!!! The first positive school report ever. I attended a parent/teacher interview & couldn't believe my ears, my eyes where filled with tears which I was furiously blinking away, I mean really, WHO crys at a routine interview with the teacher.Any way, at this point I decided to tell her our secret, she was amazed at how easy he is to get along with, but did say that it explains his boastfullness, he he he!!
So to finish this long but proud mummy post. I now have on my hands a beautiful, happy, loving boy with a wicked sense of humour, that I am proud to take any where I go & family life is so much nicer for all of us.
Now I'm not suggesting that this approach will be effective for all kids with ADHD but its definitely worth giving it a try, what harm can eating a really healthy diet do!!
Happy birthday my gorgeous boy, now lets go have some fun!!!
Trish xxx

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DIY Union Jack pillow

This is my latest cushion creation!
With all of the Union Jack decor popping up everywhere I finally decided to jump on the band wagon . I made this cushion for my sons bedroom & I love it so much I thought I would share it with you......step by step....just in case you want one as well!!!
This is my first real DIY post so it may lack a little PIZAZZ but hey, everyone has to start somewhere, he he!!
My cushion is 46cm x 36cm with an envelope back.
First I cut out all of my pieces as follows:
Cushion front- Blue- 1 x 48cm x 38cm
Cushion Back- Blue- 2 x 48cm x 48cm
I allowed 2cm seam allowances all around.
Next the cutting out of all of the red & white strips, with each of these I added a seam allowance. 
Diagonal red
 strips 3cm wide x 66cm long x2 
 Wide red strips
One  8cm wide x 40cm long 
One 8cm wide x 50cm long
Diagonal white strips
7cm wide x 66cm long x 2
Wide white strips
One 10cm wide x 40cm long
One 10cm wide x 50cm long
Remember, dont forget your seam allowances on these or you will end up with very thin strips.
I folded over my seam allowances on all of these pieces & then pressed them with the iron so I got a nice crisp straight edge, I then machine stitched all of the red strips on top of all of the white strips.I used red cotton for this task so my stitching didn't become a feature it just disappeared into the red fabric.
Next attach all of these stips to the front of your cushion starting with the diagonal pieces first, matching them corner to corner.
Now stitch on your horizontal & vertical strips, I used white cotton for this job as I was stitching on the edges of the white strips.
I then trimmed the edges to neaten things up, so I had straight lines to work with when it came time to attach the front & backs of my cushion togethor. 
To make my enveope back I basiclly just hemmed the edges that would be the opening for my cushion.
I placed them facing right sides togethor on top of the cushion front matching the outside edges of the back pieces to the outside edges of the front piece & this will give you a nice overlap to make your envelope back.
Stitch around the perimeter,
 turn it in the right way,
 pop in a cushion insert
TA DA!!!
A fabulous union jack cushion.
I have some plans to make some more in other colours & I have also made some other style cushions to go with this one that I will show you in another post.
So, do you think you might like to have a go at making one for yourself?
Happy sewing everyone!
Trish xx 
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nutella cookies.....The best cookies EVER!!

These are by far the tastiest & easiest cookies I have ever baked.
My entire family are worshiping my incredible baking prowess at the moment, he he he!!!

So here is the secret recipe to the delightful

Nutella Cookies
1 cup of Nutella
1 cup of SR flour
1 large egg, I used 2 small ones
Mix it all together
Drop teaspoons of mix onto your cookie tray, allowing a little growing space, I made about 28 cookies
 Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 6-8 minutes.
They are equally yummy warm or cool, but get one before the kids smell them or you will miss out!!!
Now I must confess..... I found this magical recipe on 

Feel free to drop on over & check out my boards.

They make a nice treat to have with your coffee, while you're working of course!

Do you gain cooking inspiration from Pinterest?
Have a great week  fellow cookie monsters!!!

Trish xxx

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Master bedroom heaven

 Source HOUZZ
Now this is my idea of perfection...
I love the restful colour scheme,the decor is not to feminine that my man would question his sexuality.
Fabulous bedside chandeliers(something from my bedroom wishlist)
  I'm loving the upholstered wall for the bed head & how they have framed it to give it a very stylish finish.
Of course, you can't forget that tufted ottoman at the end of the bed, I have been lusting after one of those for YEARS now.
Ahhh just perfect!!
What do you think?
Trish xxx

Monday, September 17, 2012

Change of plans

Yes peoples, you better believe it the block, that the dream house is going on is going to be
We have decided to take a whole new direction in life & Iwill reveal more as things come together.

In the mean time if anyone is interested in a One acre block of land in the gorgeous Hunter Valley, NSW Australia, please email me

Its fully fenced, has a 21m x 7m shed that has a bathroom, office, mezzanine floor & built in shelves for heaps of added storage. It has power, sewer & town water all connected as well as tank water. A full security system, retaining walls, driveway & partially landscaped as well as a DA approved architecturally designed home.
Its a great buy!!!
Have an AWESOME week everyone!!
Trish xx

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stylish Vignettes

Like most bloggers on the planet these days, I have a serious Pinterest addiction
So I thought I would share a few of my favourite pins of some VERY stylish
This is just a small snippet
but your very welcome to pop on over & check out the rest of my
I would love it if you became a follower over there :))
There really are some clever home decorators & stylists out there with such creativity & style!!!
Do you seek decorating inspiration from pinterest, I certainly do!!
Have a great day
Trish xx

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