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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Orange for Erin

My sister Erin purchased her first home with her dream guy about 18 months ago & is slowly piecing together her own design style. She is pretty lucky in that her dream guy, like mine, prefers his man cave that has recently been constructed in the back yard & only shows  enough interest in the home decor to appear as though he is paying attention

Malibu Architectural contemporary living room

Now after much star gazing in the land of blog & thru my extensive magazine collection ( I may suffer from a small magazine addiction) she has determined that orange is the colour that she is drawn to as well as a bit of turquoise.
Noe Valley Three contemporary kitchen

She also loves timber flooring & white joinery.
So her dream guy got to work & laid some lovely floating timber floors throughout all of the living areas, they painted the walls a very neutral beige & all of the architraves & skirting's white.
It looks awesome!!
Noe Valley Three contemporary living room

I love the chandelier against the orange feature wall in this image.

Now comes the time to add all of the decorator items & accents to give her home the personality she is looking for, which brings the dilemma of do you go for a feature wall......

Portland Pearl District Condo Living Room & Kitchen contemporary living room

or do you just use art & accessories, keeping the more expensive items neutral...
This art work makes a stunning feature in this lounge area

Portland Pearl District Condo contemporary living room

As you can see the art is used to connect the orange feature wall, helping the eye to comfortably peruse the room rather than being shocked by such a bold statement.You can also catch a glimpse of some orange chairs out side on the balcony, connecting the two areas.

Image via BHG
These  colours are perfect, but if you buy an orange lounge you really have to stick with that colour for a long time, unless of course you can afford to invest in a new lounge every couple of years...

or  perhaps even using drapes to add an accent

I do love this look, a feature wall, an accent chair & a few accessories, all other main areas, neutral. This would be affordable to change when you tire of this colour scheme

Once again very neutral, with lots of different textures, a very eclectic style that I don't think would date any time soon

This space looks rather calming & restful, don't you think?

Now for me, I am a bit  colour phobic, but I would love to see the rest of this room because I think I could easily enjoy this space.

What do you think, she will be on the hunt for a new lounge sometime later in the year, after her European vacation that is... yes that is a note of jealously you detect...I have NOOOO holiday plans anytime soon :0)
Should it be brown, or is brown on its way out?
Should it be grey as its a new trend, but a classic colour all the same?
Should there be feature walls or drapes???
Ah so many choices.. Good Luck little Sis, never fear I will be sure to help you spend some money, no matter what you choose!

Trish xxx

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another shopping temptation

Natalie at Blossoming Visions , recently did a lovely post about Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa . Debbie has a wonderful website & on line store as well as a very informative blog, there are many things in her store I fell in love with, but I think these two little items will be on my MUST HAVE list for my dream kitchen

I would love to hang this gorgeous bakery sign in my kitchen, it would not just look fabulous, it would also create a very jovial talking point in my home, seen as though I am very well known by my family & friends for not being very "into" the whole cooking experience!
I imagine I would come home one day to see a sticker stuck on it so it says "OFF the premises", my family do love a good joke!!!!
Drop by The curious Sofa & take a peek, there is also an extensive range of jewelry to tempt you.

When you are done shopping at the curious sofa I hope you saved a few pennies.  You really need to swing by & check out the fabulous range of home wares, furniture & jewelry Letitia over at
The White Shed, blog &   online store has to tempt you with.

Now anyone that has been following my blog would know just how much I have been dreaming of owning a Venetian Mirror someday & this one is not only gorgeous but is also really nicely priced

 A couple of topiary in pots would be rather charming on the mantle don't you think

& of course a set if finial book ends to dress up the book case are definitely in order.
Now I do apologize for creating so much temptation for all of you that are on a strict budget, just like me, but, its all Briohny's fault from over at French Doors and Verandahs, she reminded me in a comment to go take a peek at The White shed, what a lovely bloggy friend.

Without further ado, I shall let you all go off & be tempted by these fantastic online stores.
 Don't you just love it when you can shop in such glamorous & stylish stores whilst still wearing your PJ's & a bed head!

Trish xxx

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fab Finds are fueling Frustration !

All of this saving for actual bricks & mortar is beginning to get very boring!!!
My life has been on HOLD for the past 18months while we plan & save toward
 our dream house. The whole planning stage is dragging out for far to long. I guess that is the price you pay when choosing a reputable builder, that has a reputation for quality, he has a huge work load & I am not his only client, BUMMER, I want it all done YESTERDAY!!!
I know, whinge moan, poor me, having to wait for a new house, I sound like such a spoilt whiny brat....
Its your fault....
All of you clever people who are making the most amazing things & then selling them on etsy or made it
I want soooooo many new things, but I can't, I'm saving & not to mention, I don't have any walls on which to hang this art.
So I am making a wish list to share with you all, I'm sure you will love it!!!

First stop McCarthy Designs Nellie & her husband Nick have an Etsy store where they sell cards & prints of their amazing photography.

These are just 2 of my favourites, but I love the whole range they have on display.

Next stop
My Summer House where Laura makes the most divine cushions

Laura changes her designs regularly, but I think no matter which one you chose it would add a little romance to any room, drop by her etsy shop for a browse

Now time to pop on by & peruse Ledamae Design 

Lisa has some very creative hand painted art work for sale at her Made it store & she regularly sells at Markets in the Melbourne area. She certainly keeps very busy

Now Janette at  My Sweet Prints is seriously killing me, I desperately want one of her custom  vintage bus scrolls, I even have my destinations written out ready for my big day, you know the day when the dream guy says, "Alright alright, enough with the nagging, will you just go order the  #*#@*#  thing"

Now Janette has a Website an  Etsy store  & a Made it store so there are plenty of  options for purhcasing some of her awesome art for your home, just make sure you leave something for me, I won't be saving forever you know!

Michelle over at Paper Tree Design.
has a wonderful array of beautiful creations that are all hand cut from the pages of old books. Now she does state that she only uses the pages from books that have been previously damaged & that no vintage books have been harmed in the process.

Michelle has her art readily available at her made it store,  Etsy store  or  Blue Caravan  site.
I think Michelle's art is very romantic & would team up nicely with Laura's cushions, don't you think?

Now this is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to my creative blogger wish list & in no order of preference, but I'm sure now you can see my dilemma, even if I wasn't saving, or waiting on a more permanent home, there is so much tempting eye candy on display here, where does one start her spending & most importantly, where does one stop?
 Is anyone else suffering with this same dilemma or have you already been shopping with these creative ladies?
If you haven't already seen their work you really need to stop by & take a peak,
You made need to freeze your credit card in a bucket of water before you look, otherwise the bank manager, AKA, husband may begin to rant!!! 

So grab a cuppa & start shopping fellow bloggers, & be sure to brag, that way I can live thru your purchases...HeHeHe!!!

Trish xxx

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dreaming of a Staircase

I am having a staircase in my dream house & I am a little unsure at this point how it will look.
I originally had it all planned but it would appear with the design challenges of a sloping block & the fact we have a budget the stairs have had to change. At this point in time I have no idea how my staircase will look or even if we enter from the family room or the entry.
So I have been stalking staircases online so I have plenty of ideas when I have some insight into that part of the project.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers traditional staircase

I love white painted stairs & the extra storage is a fantastic idea

Decor by Jennifer Inc contemporary family room
I'm thinking of a white painted staircase & a carpet, perhaps sisal, stair runner...

Entry Stair Case traditional staircase
I just love dark timber floors with a traditional white painted stair rail

Image via Decor Pad
 This staircase is definitely the WOW factor of this home...

Image via Decor Pad
A very creative & unique touch, a hand rail fashioned to look like a tree branch

Image via White Cat Vintage
I just love the white on white, its so restful & clean

image via The Five Year Project
This is a fabulous design for the family home, not to mention the striped stair runner.

source unknown
Total glamour

source unknown
This actually came from an add for smart technology in the home but I just thought it was a beautiful
 stair case.

source unknown
Everything about this stair case & entry is Divine, EXCEPT, the kid on the scooter....Take that thing OUTSIDE!!!!
Source unknown
I love the storage & mirrors, they bring a little extra glamour to an already beautiful space. I look at an image like this & dream of painted white floors
Image via Sarah Richardson Design
I have to admit Sarah Richardson is definitely one of my favourite designers, everything she presents oozes class. She mixes pattern & texture & colour with such ease, I wish she was an Aussie. I would invite her round for coffee, for sure!!!

Don't you just love a beautiful stair case, do you have stairs at your house!

Trish xxx

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Great Weekend

Monday again & another weekend has passed us by.
We had a hectic but fun time this weekend.
My son has had his first season of playing soccer this year & I imagine there will be many  more seasons to come. In the under 8's it is just a friendly comp, so they don't have a grand final or any points score, they just learn how to enjoy the sport. My dream child No.3 was fortunate to start out in a team full of great kids & great families, we really made some nice friends from the team. The boys all played really well together & under the guidance of their coach they made it thru the whole season undefeated, that is, until this Saturday. The last game of the season they where defeated 1-0.
Now to the coaches credit, he spent the season not just teaching the boys the skills & rules of soccer, he also taught them how to play as a team & most importantly he taught them about good sportsmanship. Instead of being devastated about losing that last game & spoiling their perfect record, they shook hands with the opposition & got on with the end of season celebrations. I have to say I have never felt prouder of my son & his team mates... a lot of adults could take a lesson from this group of 7yr old boys, they are true champions!!!
Thank You super coach & to a wonderful bunch of families that make up this great little team, can't wait for next year!!!

My little guy is so happy to have his first ever trophy!!!

Now anyone that has been reading my blog for a while would know that about a month ago my dream child No.2 moved away to live with her dad & now lives 4 hours away from me. She has always lived with me since her father & I divorced, so I was EXTREMELY devastated to see her go.
 It was her 15th birthday this weekend & she wanted to come & spend it with me , so my very wonderful friend Beth drove her up, bringing along her own beautiful daughter & my dream girls best friend. We had the nicest time together & it was just the best thing ever to be able to share Dream child No.2's birthday.

 From left to right, Dream child No.2, her best friend, Beth's daughter & dream child No.1

Beth & I met when our 2 daughters began playing together at school in yr3, they are now in yr 11, living 4 hours apart & still best friends after all this time. Dream child No.1 & Beth's daughter will be best buddies for ever I imagine. I don't think a day goes by without them chatting. They even call themselves sisters & have made plans for flatting together when they leave home !!!
Thank You so much Beth for being such a wonderful friend & bringing my baby home for me to hug!!!

& here is my dream child No.4, she loved having her big sister home for the weekend & thoroughly enjoyed showing off for everyone at the local playground.
The weather was so perfect all weekend.
We watched soccer, shopped til we dropped, hung out at the play ground, had a party, ate cake, pizza, lollies, drank nice coffee & nice wine.
We cheered,  we chatted, we laughed & we cried, but most of all, we had a FABULOUS time!!!

Now to end my weekend on an even higher note I have to say a big THANK YOU to you guys, my wonderful blog friends!!!
Imagine my surprise when I signed into my blog on Sunday night, only to discover I have hit
I love that you find my blog interesting enough to actually want to be a follower. I love your comments & feed back. You have all been so helpful when I'm stuck on a decision for my dream house, & very supportive when I was sad about my dream child No.2 moving away.
Thank you for your friendship, your encouragement, your inspiration & all the wonderful things you share with me & teach me thru your own blogs everyday.
Thank You my Bloggy friends xxx

How was your weekend, I hope it was as much fun as mine!

Trish xxx

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Home Office & a vintage typewriter

I love a nice tidy home office, there is so much inspiration out there Its hard to make a decision on where to locate one in your home...

Home Office Inspiration traditional home office
Image via Houzz
I really love this idea for an office in the guest bedroom & the joinery matches the rest of my home & how lovely would it be to sit at the window while you work!!!

Home Office Inspiration traditional home office
Image via houzz
This space has an incredible amount of storage, definitely a necessity in an office. The chandelier really adds a lovely feminine touch , don't you think?

Cole Street traditional home office

What a practical idea to keep your home tidy, especially if you live in a small space. Just close the doors & walk away from the work, Love it!!

Image via Country Living
 This is extremely pretty & feminine, I could see myself daydreaming here!!!

I would love to have something like this set up on the wall inside my walk in pantry, as well as a row of hooks to hang the school  & library bags from, like a mini command centre...

I scanned these 2 images from a copy of Home Beautiful about 12months ago, I just love this idea...

These pocket doors are a fabulous idea, when your not working just close them & pop your chair in the corner to use as an accent piece in the room, very clever design!!!

From memory, this extremely stylish desk belongs to Marcia Cross, AKA Bree from Desperate housewives, this lives in her trailer that she uses on set...very stylish indeed!!!

I would love a beautifully disguised filing system like this one...

Image via Decor pad
A lovely addition to a teenagers room, I love the floating shelves...

This is my latest find, a lovely little vintage typewriter, I found this one at a local antique store for just $45
She needs a little bit of a clean up, but otherwise its in lovely condition.
My little Remington Portable came in its own hard case & is in full working condition, My kids think its a real hoot to pretend they are typing, like in the olden days. My mother in law said she worked on something similar at her first job. I took this photo in the antique store, forgive the quality, I will have to shine it up & make a lovely little display in the study area of our new home.

What have you done in your home to create a study area & storage for all of the mess a home office attracts?

Trish xxx

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