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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Building the dream house, an update

Hi- Dee-Ho peeps!!
I know I have certainly been absent from my blog of late.
My excuse.....
Well aside from this new 45hr a week job eating up all of my time, my laptop was hi jacked by a
 Mal ware virus, it literally was a virus that hijacked my start up menu, no fun!!
Any way our fabulous tech guy, Gary, put us onto a FREE scan to download.
Its called Mal ware bytes.
I highly recommend you get this one on your computer ASAP, you run it alongside your normal virus scan, it picks up the things your usual scan misses.
Now onto the good gossip.
The dream house is back on....YAAA HOOOO!!
As you know, we couldn't build until we sold our 4 investment properties in The Blue Mountains & after having them listed with the same real estate agent for 3.5 years & not selling a single thing we really gave up hope.
Well, decided to give it one last shot & changed Realtors.
Our new agent sold the first property within a week, we are now 7 weeks into it & have 2 bidders vying for another property & an interested party looking at a the 3rd one. We still have one home to list, it has a good tenant & we had considered keeping it but what the heck, lets list it & see what happens.
This new guy has shown more people thru our houses in 7 weeks than the old agent did in all those years, I think its time for him to find a new day job, he is a little slack at this one.
So we will start building in 2013.
We will be owner builders,the dream guy is very clever at building things & has done alot of project management in his job as well.
 Its going to be a slow but steady pace & will give me plenty of time to seek your advice along the way.
I'm very very excited!!!!
Have a fabulous week bloggers :)))
Trish xxx

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