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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A healthy obsession

My new years resolution for 2012 was to look after me.
I wanted to be fitter, healthier & happier & now that we are past the half way mark I am happy to share with you that I am still on track!!

I thought I might share some of the things Ive been doing to make me feel great!

Two of my new healthy habits are
Dry Body Brushing
the many uses of Coconut Oil

Now dry body brushing claims to be responsible for a whole host of fabulous benefits in the body such as
  Aids body circulation which helps the body rid itself of excess toxins through your skin.
 Stimulates the lymphatic system which begins the detoxification process.
 Minimizes the appearance of cellulite.
Firms the skin
Boosts the immune system response.
 Your muscles can achieve a better tone through dry skin brushing,
  It also helps by allowing fat cells to be more adequately spaced within the body
Aids in the stimulation of nerve cells,
 Stimulates blood flow to the surface of your skin
You can find detailed instructions here at the Shrinc Clinic website

I have been dry brushing for about 6 weeks now & I can see a marked improvement in my skin tone & texture. My skin definitely feels firmer & i seem to be getting rid of all those little dry patches & other irregularities that you find on you skin when your in your 40's,
I do it EVERY morning before my shower, even though the bathroom is a little chilly, Brrrr!!
I also do it one or two nights a week, followed by a long hot soak in the bath with some Epsom salts as they claim this helps the skin to detox even more.
I am HIGHLY recommending this treatment, its definitely slowing the ageing process.
I got my brush for about $15 at my local chemist.

Moving onto my next wonderful discovery
This is also something I now cant live without. After I shower I moisturise with coconut oil.
You buy it from your local health food store for around $20 for 750ml & it is a wonder product.
I use it all over my body as well as my face, morning & night, some nights I even pop it thru my hair, it makes a great treatment,it also makes a great lip gloss.
A little bit goes a very long way with this one, so it lasts a while. 
I cook with it, I pop it into my porridge of a morning & sometimes even my smoothies. You can get some brands that don't have the coconut taste or smell if your not a coconut fan.
The benefits of this stuff are to numerous to list here so pop over to this website
& it will tell you so, so much more.
I can honestly say these two things alone have definitely improved my health, energy levels & skin, which as you know also lifts the self esteem.

I have many other healthy things to share, but thats for another day.

Do you already use either of theses things to keep healthy??

Trish xx

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Can someone just let the dream guy know that one day I would love to own this baby....

The colour is called "Ice Blue" & its going to set him back about $750.

Do you own one of these little gems & do you think they are worth the extra dollars?

What appliances are you dreaming about???

Trish xxx

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day beds for dreaming

I love seeing a daybed incorporated into a homes decor, makes me want to stretch out a few walls in this "wee" little rental we are living in just to indulge my daybed fantasies...

Source Desire to Inspire

 Back to reality Trishy!!
 I was just fantasising that this  room was in my house & I was relaxing here with a glass of bubbles, aaaahhhh!!!

Source Pinterest

There are so many styles of daybed around, formal, casual, practical, indoor or outdoor. Something to suit any home & budget.
Backless daybeds are great for adding extra seating & although they don't take don't take up much visual space you really would need a large room to accommodate one.
Ashford Associates mediterranean living room
This classic style is timeless & very inviting.

Source decorpad

How awesome does this one look with all the built ins surrounding it.
 A fabulous addition to any child's room or even a guest bedroom.
 A quick change of fabric choice & trim colour on the window dressings & the whole look is transformed.
 Now thats perfect for people like me that can never make a long term commitment to any colour!!!

Source Houzz

Dream child No2  always dreamt of a bed just like this as she was growing up & unfortunately never got to own one, now she is about to turn 17 & has been designing a large round bed, but has yet to convince the dream guy to build it for her !

Source Pinterest

Oh the storage, sweet sweet storage, no trouble for the kids to pack up the mess in this toy room.

Source Pinterest
And back to the fantasy.

Anyone care to join me???

Trish xxx

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fashionable Give Away Winner

The winner of the fantastic

 $50 gift voucher

is the lovely Nellie from

Congratulations Nellie, the very generous people from Endless wardrobes will be contacting you some time soon to help you with a little retail therapy!!!

Thank you to my lovely followers for entering my give away & for dropping by to leave comments, it really is a fun side to blogging.

Trish xxx

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Fashionable Give Away

This year I have been placing a lot focus on the state of my wardrobe.
I have found that I wasn't happy with my body shape after a slowly gaining weight over the past few years, really due to a lack of exercise. I was refusing to spend money on clothes & accept that this was how I looked, instead, I kept saying "I will get new clothes when I lose this weight" You know the story.
Slowly over time my wardrobe got daggier(is that a real word) & my self esteem went with it, I knew it was time for an overhaul on all levels.

I want to be a stylish, sophisticated yummy mummy & the first step to feeling that way is by overhauling my wardrobe, accepting myself for what I am!

By doing this I have certainly started to feel much better about myself.

 My diet is improving & I have joined the gym.
It really does make a huge difference when you start the day feeling pretty!!
Now the fabulous people from the online shopping store
must have known what I ve been thinking....

Everyone should try this, its seriously good therapy!!!
are generously offering one of my lovely readers the chance to
a $50 voucher
to spend in their store.
All you need to do to enter is pop by their fabulous  online fashion store & come back& tell me what you would purchase with the assistance of a $50 voucher

& for a second entry be a follower of my blog

These pics are just a few of my favourite things from

Entries will close on Sunday the 15th July, so pop on over & do some serious fashion snooping, its very inspiring!!
May the blogger most in need of a fashionable update win!

Trish xxx

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