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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Divine Design

AHB Custom Home Builders - Royal Lakes Estates Residence traditional exterior

Oh look my dream home is finished

AHB Custom Home Builders - Royal Lakes Estates Residence traditional exterior

Which verandah should I relax on today!

AHB Custom Home Builders - Royal Lakes Estates Residence eclectic

Maybe I will just lay in the tub by the fireplace & dream of grand things

AHB Custom Home Builders - Royal Lakes Estates Residence traditional dining room

OR  plan a shopping trip to purchase some divine furniture for this lounge area

AHB Custom Home Builders - Royal Lakes Estates Residence traditional kitchen

Perhaps we could cook up a feast while we plan things out...

I discovered this incredible home on the website of AHB custom home builders.
They are based in Atlanta in the USA & they design & construct fantastic homes like this . They have a fantastic portfolio of dreamy homes to wish for!!!

Trish xxx

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kitchen stools, OH the choices!

Whilst dreaming of my kitchen in my dream house, I like to think about the sort of stools that I would have at the island bench.

I am yet to decide whether to keep the island white like the rest of the kitchen, or go for a contrasting colour, you may remember that post, if not, pop over HERE

This kitchen is definitely one of my all time favourites, you're probably sick of me posting this image.
I love these stools & always thought they where rattan, but looking at them closely I think they are actually fabric.
 They look fantastic either way!

These stools look like they are perhaps upholstered in leather, they certainly add some serious style factor to an extremely beautiful kitchen.
I guess a big factor in choosing your stools is
"How you want the room to feel?"
I love these more formal styles, but being a house with 4 kids, perhaps I would be best to opt for something VERY hard wearing.
 I think  a more casual feel to this area of the home would suit our lifestyle & family better.

Image via Decor Pad

 Before we move on. I had to show this glamorous trio, don't you just love the nail head trim.
I envision a very stylish women lives in this house.  Wouldn't you just love a peak at her walk in robe, I'm sure it's to die for!

Image via Decor Pad.

Now these industrial style stools would certainly withstand anything my son & his rowdy mates could throw at them, its more the contents of my pantry cupboard I would have to have concerns for, LOL!

Another more industrial style, "navy" counter stools, I have seen them in a chair as well.
They would definitely tick the box of  "hard wearing" & they have a high back, making them safer for little ones, easy clean, my only question to any of my lovely readers...
"Are they comfortable?"
By the way, this is another kitchen that goes into my all time favourites file!

Now these stools are definitely made form some sort of cane/wicker.
 I really like this look & it would be easy to tie into the rest of my decor with the use of a few wicker baskets here or there, lets face it, we all have a few baskets, they're fabulous for storage. Mine contain all of my house magazines.
The only down side I see is keeping them clean. The stools we currently have are timber & wrought iron & I am always wiping food from them, thanks to a messy 3 yr old.

Now I haven't made note of the source of the above 3 images as I collected them before I began blogging, These are the first style of stool I fell in love with. Easy clean, hard wearing & also budget friendly.
 I have seen them in many different timber stains but I really love the black. I have always been a "matchy matchy" girl & in my attempt to break free of my boringness, I think black would be a nice break away from my other timber furniture pieces .

Does anyone have stools like these at home, are they comfortable & do smaller children manage them safely?

So my trusty bloggers, any stylish suggestions are always appreciated, my kitchen will be white with shaker style doors of course. Unfortunately timber floors don't fit into my budget so I will be having a cream coloured porcelain tile thru out, very neutral, so timber black or silver would all look nice.
 Hopefully it will stand the test of time & not date before we move in!!

Trish xxx

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I won!!!

In celebration of her shops  1st birthday  Letitia over at The White Shed hosted a very beautiful & generous give away & guess what

I WON!!!!!!

You need to go & check out the online side of Letitia's gorgeous
if you haven't already.

I have a huge wish list, these are my current favourites
There are 3 of these Nickel cannisters, coffee, sugar & tea & I just luuuuuurve them!!!

How abot a 3 pack of french striped tea towels

a vase full of these hydrangeas would certainly make me smile each day

& of course you know just how much I love clocks & this one is sooooo cute  !

Thank You Letitia
Trish xxx

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love their style

Whilst perusing a few ideas books over at Houzz I came across a company that had an endless supply of inspirational work to show case.
 are regular contributors to Houzz, so you may already be familiar with some of their work.
I fell in love with their style....take a peek!
Contemporary Shingle Style Living Room contemporary living room

Carpenter Gothic Mudroom traditional entry

Split Oaks Farm Bedroom contemporary bedroom

New American Home Kitchen contemporary kitchen

Renovation Redux Kitchen contemporary kitchen

Renovation Redux Family Room contemporary family room

Renovation Redux Mudroom contemporary entry

Renovation Redux Bath contemporary bathroom

Whats not to love!
These guys appear to be the master of the mud room, not a room you really see in an Aussie home, but I often wish I could have one, especially when they are made to be so stylish by LDA Architecture & Interiors.

If you want to see more drop by their website or take a peek at their blog

Trish xxx

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Television Taboo

Master Bedroom traditional bedroom

I love how this TV is recessed into the wall, minimising its impact on the room.

Do you have a TV  in your bedroom?
 Its okay if you don't want to tell us, after all, it's certainly NOT a stylish design feature & apparently the dreaded black box messes with your sleep patterns.
This might explain MY poor sleeping habits as we could,nt live without one in our master bedroom. The dream guy & I have very different sleeping habits, so he will watch TV well into the night, whilst I rack up a fews zzzzz's & when he is on night shift I use it to drown out the little sounds that spook me in the night. I am a big fraidy cat!

Image via DIY Show off
Building a frame around your TV to make it look more like a piece of art certainly helps to reduce it visual impact on the room

I don't recall where I found this image, but  you can purchase a system like this where your favourite piece of art is mounted to a mechanical device that lifts up to reveal a TV that is recessed into the wall.

Another perfectly framed black box....

This one really does look classy....

The rest of this room is so stunning, I think you could have built a monkeys cage into the ever so stylish cabinetry & no one would care.

Do you have a television in the bedroom?
 Is it just cluttering up your tall boy like mine, or have you put the time into making it a stylish, yet somewhat camouflaged feature in your master suite or dare I say boudoir?
I have some wonderful plans for the TV in the master bedroom of my dream house....ssshhhh...don't tell my dream guy, I don't want to scare him, LOL, my ideas list that requires is fabulous handiwork is growing by the minute!!!

Trish xxx

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress Update

I can imagine by now everyone is wondering just where we are up to on the "Dream House", well its still just that at this point, a dream!!!
For all of my lovely new followers, our dream house got put on hold as the quotes we got to build it ended up being A LOT over budget. After lots of thinking & planning we decided we couldn't abandon our house plans & have opted to sell our investment properties to fund the short fall.
We listed them with the real estate in late November ( bad time of the year to try & sell a house) but hopefully something positive will come our way soon, fingers crossed!!!

My dream guy has however been working adding a driveway from his shed up to street level,one slab at a time. He has done 3 segments over the holidays & has many more to go!
 Next will be some fences & planting a few trees, we feel we might as well get a few things done while we wait.

Dream child no3 is his right hand man on the job & he really does work hard

Daddy's little girl likes to think she helps, but thankfully is bored within 30 seconds & retires to something far more interesting, like....

feeding her face, he he he!!!!

this is all that's left to do
another 40 metres until he reaches the top!!

Once a we off load a little real estate we will be able to rev this baby up & start digging a house site

so we can enjoy this view from our back verandah EVERY day

or perhaps we might sit on the front verandah & enjoy this one.
Oh it will be lovely to have choices!

So I need everyone to start thinking "handy house sales for Trish" & perhaps the real estate fairies will shine on me & end this frustration of living in limbo...ARGH!!!!

What sort of projects have you got going on at your place?

Trish xxx

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New blog on the block

I would love to share with everyone a wonderful & inspirational new blog that I think you really need to take a peek at

Now I may be a little biased as this brand new entry in the addictive world of blogging is written by my very own "big sister"

I'm amazed & excited at the same time that Deb has started her blog & feel its another one of those things she does that makes me feel "lazy"

If you looked in the dictionary for the definition of a "super woman" her picture would pop up!

She holds down a full time job, I cant tell you her title as its to long to remember, but she is pretty important there, along with her partner they own a working farm which is a full time job in itself, she has several university degrees that she studied through distant education & is currently studying some more, hence the important job, then there's the bookwork for the farm & the MOTH's welding business, he also has a full time job, she takes amazing photo's & sells them on Red Bubble, you can take a peek at her work here

Deb is a fabulous cook & loves to create her own recipes, which she plans to share on her blog & to top it all off she is also a mum to a beautiful little princess that started school this week.

See why she makes me feel lazy, but very proud at the same time!!!

Pop on over & meet her, she would love to say Hi!

Trish xxx

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