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Sunday, July 31, 2011

More kitchens to dream about

Ive been on the hunt for the perfect kitchen ideas for my dream house.
 I have collected various inspiration pics because I like a little bit of this & a little bit of that.
Of course the ones that I think are perfect are no doubt way to costly for my budget.
Most of my inspiration tends to come from American homes, where the cost of building appears to be a lot less expensive than here in Australia. 
Decor by Jennifer Inc contemporary kitchen
image via Houzz

I love the range hood design & the tile splash back in this lovely kitchen. Shaker profile doors & cabinetry is a given, as well as a concealed range hood.

kitchen modern kitchen

I love a good appliance cupboard & I am yet to decide what sort of door to use. These pocket doors are fantastic to look at.
 I had a mini roller door in my last kitchen which was very practical & still looked great!

A lovely example of the roller door...

Image House & garden

I love this appliance cupboard, it appears to be a bi fold door.
The open shelving beside the range hood is a lovely finish that I could definately live with.
What do you think?

source unknown

I think this coffee making set up is Divine, I don't actually have the space to create such a lovely area in my kitchen, but, a girl can dream, cant she!!!

Image The house of turquoise

Now this kitchen is a dream come true, I love the island, the range hood, the overhead cupboards, the open shelf above the fridge & don't forget that lovely ceiling.

Oh well dreaming is free!!!

What are the must have features for your kitchen?

Do you have an appliance cupboard to conceal the everyday things, like the kettle?

Have a fabulous week everyone :)

Trish xxx

Monday, July 25, 2011

The winner is...

Today I  have  the pleasure of announcing the winner of my first ever give away

I chose the old fashioned method & put all the names in a vase & had my handsome son select the lucky winner.
He was so proud to be given this VERY important task!

The winner is

Congratulations Jane!!!!!

Now its actually Jane's first blogiversary & she has recently purchased a lovely home in Tasmania, Australia, so what perfect timing to win a beautiful enamel house number from

So please, drop by Ramsign & take a peek at their fabulous signs & if you haven't been to Life on Planet baby & met the gorgeous Jane, you really should, her adventures are fantastic!!

Trish xxx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clever way to hang art

Well the school holidays are over &the kids are all back at school, hopefully life can really get back  into some sort of routine.
We spent a large part of the school holidays sick with the flu, so we lazed around on the couch watching movies, everyone is now on the mend, thank goodness.

I am also  a very proud aunt to a bouncing baby boy, born yesterday, weighing in at a healthy 8lb4oz,
Finn James, welcome to the family little man!

I have a crazy, busy week ahead of me, my eldest daughter turns 18 on Sunday & we are having about 50 people over for a party to celebrate.....should be lots of fun!!!
We have a healthy production line, producing  tissue paper pom poms at the moment, next up, cake pops & all that other fun party fare!!!

There will be a post to come next week, just to reveal the shenanigans we get up to in our crazy house!!

Classic Southern Shingle Style Home on Lagoon traditional dining room
Image via Houzz
I couldn't do a post without something stylish to look at. I was very impressed with the way they used to art & cabinetry to create a transparent wall.
What a fabulous way to display some of your favourite art &  create a room divider at the same time!

Now don't forget to enter my
A fabulous house number sign from the very clever danish company

I hope everyone is healthy & well & having a creative week!!!

Trish xxx

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My First Give Away

How exciting, my first ever

The lovely people from Ramsign have asked if I would like to host a give away for my lovely readers.
I love their house signs so, how could I say no!
Ramsign are a small Danish company that is specializing in manufacturing and selling classic enamel signs (house signs and house numbers) based upon original designs and techniques.

They are offering a FREE house number sign to one of YOU, if you enter my GIVEAWAY....YAY!!!

The Highlander

They have a variety of styles to choose from...


As well as a range of colours to suit every house


I personally love the address plaques


Especially in black & white


So if you would love one of these very stylish porcelain enameled signs to display your house number just leave a comment, for an extra entry either post about my give away or pop it on your side bar & leave an extra comment.

will ship world wide so EVERYONE can enter.
The lucky winner will be drawn on Monday 25th July.

Mmmmm, now how can I enter my own give away.....just kidding!!!

Good Luck everyone

Trish xxx

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A chilly Date

Mydream guy & I like to get out at least once a month for an evening without the kids.
I like to call it date night!!
Most of the time we go out for a lovely dinner & often end up finishing the evening off by heading up to the shed on our block of land, lighting a fire in the chiminea & having a few drinks. Its always very peaceful & a good chance to chat, uninterrupted!!!

This time we decided to go to Stockton Beach & as you can see, it was a cold stormy afternoon &
was around.

I took my camera so I could experiment with my photography.
 Stockton has lots of sand dunes, which are fantastic for 4wd adventures & sand boarding. It is one of Australia's longest beaches, stretching from Newcastle to Port Stephens, approx 30kms long if my memory serves me well.

Ive been learning lots of photography tricks from various blogs & web sites. This pic was done by experimenting with my shutter speed.

The Signa wreck is great for taking photo's of, my dream guy has taken some great pics here on nice sunny days

He took his fishing gear along to occupy himself, but the wind was to strong & the surf to rough to even get a bite!

He has a great set up for the back of his ute to make the whole experience fun...

This a photo looking thru the rear vision mirror on the ute.

Sunset is always pretty at Stockton Beach

We soon tired of the wind & decided to relocate, so we ventured into Newcastle harbour.

This is a picture of one of the numerous coal loaders, filling a ship at Walsh Point in Newcastle harbour. It is a huge industrial port.

These 2 pictures are of the same coal loader. I cant remember what they call this abstract style of photography
but, basically its just a long exposure & you move the camera around in all different directions for this fun effect!!!

All in all, we had a lovely relaxing evening, I took lots of photo's, experimenting with my aperture, shutter speed, white balnce & ISO settings. I have learn't so much about photography in the six months I have owned my camera & i cant wait to learn more! 
Even though my dream guy went home empty handed, he did have a story to tell about the one that got away, like a true fisherman always does, LOL!!!

Do you & your husband/partner have date nights ?

Trish xxx


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Progress on the dream house

We have had several meetings over the last couple of weeks with our architect & I have to say THIS time around all is going perfectly.
The guy we are working with has been fantastic to deal with & a wealth of knowledge.
 He has offered us some simple & very practical solutions to things we had been unsure of, as well as being very conscious of our budget.


We are both extremely happy with his work, I haven't asked him yet if I can give him a plug on my blog, but I will be sure to reveal his identity as soon as I have his blessing

So we have a rough draft of our house & now the changes are being made. Everyone is holding their breath, that I wont have any new ideas between now & then, he he he!!
Best to speak up now while its just lines on paper, I say!!!

So, let the fun begin.....
Now for the hic cup....we still need to sell our old house in Lithgow to get the actual building process underway,
if anyone needs a gorgeous home in the Blue Mountains
We had 3/4 moved out when we decided to put it up for sale, so the photos are a little sad, unfortunately!

Hows your plans going for your projects?

Trish xxx

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Secret Door & a lucky win

I'm sorry for my lack of posts of late, I appear to have lost my bloggy mojo  :(
I have however been thoroughly enjoying reading all of your blogs, I'm still having a few difficulties leaving comments on some blogs. I just keep getting redirected back to the sign in page for google....
very frustrating, I must say....grrrrrr!!!!

Image via Conspicuos Style

Its the school holidays here for the next two weeks & I'm sure some days I'm going to wish I had a secret door just like this, to sneak off to another part of the house & escape the kids.Isn't it a cool idea!
 We have had so much rain here of late, I can only hope & pray it doesn't hang around for the holidays,these kids really do need to get outside & burn off some of that energy!!!

I do have a little celebration going on here as I have been the lucky winner of a set of these gorgeous pencils.
Each one is adorned with a Crystallized Swarovski element, mine are blue & I love them!

I have to say a huge
Thank You
Sanela at
Sanela also has a an online store with sooo many beautiful things my wish list has grown enormously
She stocks, bags, books, cushions, flowers & so much more & currently has a SALE running

Don't you just luuurve this zebra rug, I have bumped this one to the top of my wish list!!
pop on over & see all the eye candy for yourself

Perhaps you might even pick yourself up a set of pencils, just like mine.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Trish xxx

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