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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Backyard fun

My kids love digging in the sandpit or doing flips & tricks on the trampoline. Ive always wanted a cool kids backyard, so all of the kids  wanted to hang out at my place, that way I would know what they're up to.
 I'm renting so I just have a basic backyard, but we do have swings, sandpit & trampoline & often plenty of kids visiting to enjoy it.
 I have however realised by having heaps of kids, over if your not careful your fridge & pantry cupboard can be emptied very quickly. We have had to set rules with the kids about not handing out food without my say so, otherwise we have nothing left for the lunch boxes for the week.

Is this the most stylish sand pit on the planet, not to mention tidy, our sandpit toys lay strewn all over the sandpit.... all of the time!!!

A cubby with its own deck, the perfect play area really. I can see some mini Adirondack chairs would be the perfect accessory for this one, the kids could relax & enjoy slurping on an icy!!!

Love love love the trampoline sunken into the ground.
 This time of the year where we live it gets pretty windy & you often see trampolines blown across yards, damaging anything in there path. This would be a great solution to that problem.

Do you have an awesome kids back yard with lots of neighborhood kids dropping by to play?

Trish xxx


Unknown said...

Hubby has always wanted us/him to have an underground trampoline... Love this idea that your home can be the kids haven, I would have to set food ground rules also.

simmone said...

Only problem with that sandpit,all the sand is still in the pit and that never happens,ha.(We used to have 17 kids in the neighbourhood!)Love the inground tramp too,just wondered how to avoid a mozzie haven underneath,gravel?

KL said...

My place was 'the' place to hang with my girls friends. 'spensive foodwise but I loved it...I knew everyone and everything!!! And a fruit platter or warer ice blocks always went down well. WE dont have a backyard here, no local kids to play with J and I feel so disappointed for him. Different childhood.

Laura said...

Hi trish, we do have a great garden which kids just love. We have the pool, swings, chickens and a big grassy area with a footpath that goes all around the place which makes a great track. Unfortunately my neighbours kids have behavioral issues and I dont really like them being over!!! hoping that will change as they get older. Hubby wont allow a trampoline much to my kids frustration!!! he saw a bad accident when he was at school and is dead against them... I am so pleased that u are an Infp too!!! thats awesome! i dont think i know anyone (currently) who is the same! Do you get bored easily with things like i do? I try so hard to keep routines and be a note writer and things, just never works out.. i frustrate myself! I just hope that one day I will find my dream career! Laura xx

The Moerks said...

Some friends of ours have an inground trampoline and it is fantastic. We have an above ground one with netting. It is a fab place for the kids to go and get away from us adults.

Green Thickies said...

Wow what a great idea to have a trampoline sunken down into the grass. We have a trampoline too which my baby will soon be able to use but we have really bad wind up here as we're on the north coast of Scotland.

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