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Monday, March 17, 2014

Tips for mixing patterns & colours to creat WOW factor

Do you feel like you are missing that WOW factor in your home but can't quite put your finger on why?
Do you have a mix of patterns but they just don't appear to work.

Well I have a couple of little tips to help you make it all work.

The general rule for mixing patterns is to have no more than 3-4 different patterns in a room.

Each different pattern should be a different size eg. a large scale pattern
a medium scale pattern & a small scale pattern.

Pick a colour from your large pattern to tie in your smaller patterns.

Make sure you spread your patterns & accent colours throughout the room & always make sure you don't put large patterns side by side...mix it up!!

Choose your patterns for your decor scheme by using the textures & colour's that are already in the room, this will help to create a sense of balance & harmony.

You can soften or calm the scheme down by mixing it with a few block colours as well.
Block colours are also a great way to add texture.

Generally when selecting colours they work best if they are on the same tonal level. So pastels with pastels, cool colours with other cool colours or a mix of warm tones.

As always rules are made to be broken but you need to be clever to get it right. There is so much more we can cover on this topic but that is for another day.

Happy Decorating everyone.

Trish xxx

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