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Monday, March 31, 2014

Adding a touch of Faux FUR to your decor for winter warmth

There is no better way to create a warm, cosy winter feel to a room than by adding a little fur to your decor.

Faux Fur can add a touch of warmth to any decor style

It can be very glamorous

or contemporary

or even formal.

Using texture is a great way to bring interest to a very simple colour palette especially if there is minimal or no use of pattern in the room.Faux Fur is a fantastic way to do that especially in the winter time, as it also creates that feeling of warmth.
You can read more about adding pattern into you decor

I especially love fur along side some bling. This room is a beautiful example of how to mix textures to add interest in a very simple colour palette. You have a faux fur throw, glitter cushion, a linen bedhead & a cute cane basket & it all works perfectly don't you think.

This is my faux fur cushion, the skull cushion is a little something I made for one of my daughters.

So will you add a touch of fur to your decor for the cooler months ?

Trish xx

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