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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dining style

Totally loving this look at the moment.
Source Lily G
Dining tables with NON matching chairs
I found these white crossback chairs on sale at
a nice little french provincial touch!!!
Source The house that AM built
I like either of these looks, it probably helps that I also love the pendant lights in each image as well.
I love these tolix style chairs for adding an idustrial edge.
This is my every day dining table & chairs, all matching, purchased as a set.
Now I realise there is nothing wrong with that, but you seem to get a more homely feel when you mix things up a bit.
All of this matching furniture throughout my house makes it a little boring & doesn't evoke the feeling I am looking for.
I would be more than happy to keep my table, but I would love to get some new chairs when we get in the dream house.
The issue will be, making a decision on the perfect style at the time!!!
This is what I refer to as my FORMAL dining table & chairs, which has been in storage for the past 4 years.I have always loved it, but am thinking it may need a little jazz up as well.
 Whether we recover the chairs in a more sophisticated fabric or perhaps add a nailhead trim.
Any suggestions????
I would love some beautiful tufted dining chairs, I wonder if mine can be reupholstered to look like this?????
Unfortunately it wont be in the budget to replace all of our furniture, we will be able to add a few new bits & pieces & certainly dress things up with some accessories.
Pinned Image
We are planning timber floors & some wainscotting.
This image above is our inspiration for style & colour.
I think my furniture will look fine in this setting, I just need a few key pieces to complete the look & maybe some mini make overs, like nailhead trims or painting over some timber pieces, just to take away that matchy matchy furniture store look!!!
Perhaps I need to start learning to upholster, I have plans for tufted ottomans & benches, but thats a whole other post.
What do you think, should everything match or should we be mixing it up more to achieve a warm, homely feel?
Trish xxx


KL said...

Oh to have the budget for a new house and furniture! I loved your images here trish.. The thing is they show trends.. Those cross back chairs are having a moment (again) and your upholstered chairs were what I dreamt of (but couldn't afford) for my last house Reno. I think finding furniture that is somehow timeless or classic is key.. Your timber chairs don't look dated at all and with that coat of paint could transition perfectly to look new! All good food for thought! X kl

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

I too agree mixing it up is best. I think we are all guilty of trying to match everything too much. Love the images. The white cross backs are stunning. xx

Amanda said...

I'm such a fan of mixing things up, which is why I'm currently in a 'I dislike all my furniture' frame of mind :) Everything we bought when we first moved in is so matchy matchy. First up to get the makeover is our study - everything from the same 'collection' makes it look like an office or reception area. I'm also doing something similar with our dining table, hunting for a rustic wooden table which I'm hoping to pair with white bentwood chairs. I too think the mix of styles adds a bit of character. For your formal dining set, I'd give recovering the chairs in a new fabric a go. Love all your ideas x

LBA said...

I vote for mixing things up .. that's how we keep old things fresh, and update on a budget!

The best thing is, you could take 2 chairs out ( and put them in the garage, for eg ) and bring two new chairs in .. 6 months later, you see some other chairs, and you do the old switcheroo again. Sell, upcycle, or keep the ones you take out ( I find it really hard to part with chairs! ), and in no time you will find you have the look you want. I think the key is to let things happen as they will :)

Good Luck!

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