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Sunday, March 3, 2013

New designer on the block

Well the time has come for Dream child No 1 to begin her degree.
She is studying Branded Fashion at the prestigious
 & her classes begin this week!!

These images are some of her designs & have all been created using garbage bags, melted & fused together to make strips of material to be cut up & created into amazing dresses.
She has spent a gap year studying a Cert 4 in design through TAFE  & working to save enough money to ensure she afford a life in Sydney.

She now has a lovely little apartment in Leichardt, a good part time job that will work around her timetable & she is ready to go....


I have to say I am very proud of her for setting a goal & working so very hard over the last 12months to  achieve it.
She worked lots of overtime, studied hard at TAFE & even now has taken on extra courses as she wants to be advanced at her pattern making skills.
She volunteered her time last year to work back stage at Newcastle Fashion week & is already working towards designs so she can enter that very same fashion show this year as an
 "emerging talent"

Folks, watch this space, you may get to witness the story of a famous Aussie designer unfold before your eyes :)
She is enthusiastic & driven, she loves her new big city life, she is confident & always enjoys meeting new people & most of all she loves adventure, I think she will have a ball over the next 3 yrs.
I am SUPER excited to see where life will take her!!
Love you to the moon & back GP  xxx
Trish xxx


Just Martha said...

Wow wee" such drive, determination and what a delight she must be. I wish her all the very best and admire her strength. I look forward to watching her stardom unfold with her being the best she can be. You go girl!

Ann said...

Love her creations.
Playful and pretty
kinda reminded me of Betsey Johnson.
I wish her luck in all her endeavors.

Jennifer, Decorum said...

Oh Congratulations, Trish and to your daughter. How exciting for you all and you are rightly bursting with pride. I hope it all goes well for you both. Can't wait to watch her career unfold.

Jennifer xx

Beautiful House said...

So talented, and so exciting Trish.x

Ez said...

I'm so excited!!! I cant wait to hear all about her first week!

Sending lots of good luck and love to GP!!!


lisa mae said...

so so great, you must be so so proud, so excited for you smooch lisa xx

B is building a house said...

She is very talented. You must be so proud <3


Pandorash8 said...

How exciting! Your daughter looks to be a real talent and, more than that, driven. I shall def keep an eye out for her over the coming years :)

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