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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Beautiful bathroom mirrors & lights

Image via heather Scott
I don't know if you may have noticed but I am seriously obsessed with beautiful bathrooms at the moment.
I am having a little trouble making final decisions for the dream house, which isn't critical seen as though we are owner builders.
Image via the house that A-M built
Whilst this gives me the luxury of last minute choices I do still need to have a pretty good idea of what I want, so we can get quotes & have a set budget.
If I happen to find nicer alternatives that are equal to or, hopefully less expensive than the original quotes, then so be it!!!
Image via Driftwood Interiors
Mirrors & lighting are on my radar this time, although the tile situation isn't completely sorted, but you can read about that one & offer your advice here
Image via Pottery Barn
When it comes to lighting, it is best to avoid placing your light directly above the mirror.
Side lighting is a must for preventing shadows, although now that I'm 42, perhaps shadows are a little kinder, he he he!!!
Image via Alamode
This is stunning, the mirrors look very much like the pottery barn image from above don't you think?
They are definitely my 'Plan B' mirrors.
There is a similar mirror available here at Recollections called the 'Regency Swivel Mirror'
& its only $59.00. We all know which choice the dream guy is going to recommend!!

Image via Renovating a Brooklyn limestone
I would like to have double mirrors in the ensuite, these are definitely a personal favourite, although I have NO idea where to find them here in Australia, I'm loving the lights as well.
I think I will skip the glass shelves though, I'm just not that committed to the cleaning!!!
Image via Decorpad
I will be looking at having one large mirror over the main bathroom vanity, it is going to be a 3 way bathroom so the vanity has a space all of its own, I do like the idea of the added side mirrors, great for bouncing a little extra light around the room & a fabulous tool for checking that your hair is just right!!!
Image via Tinkalicious
Of course this is my ultimate "fantasy" bathroom.... ah the glamour!!!
If you have a double vanity what is your preference, two seperate mirrors, or one gigantic one?
Have you got lighting above or beside your mirrors & what are your preferences here???
Trish xxx


R's Rue said...

Love the first photo!

Ez said...

I cant even decide! I love every one of those pictures.

I think I've said it in a comment recently but I'll say it again - your making me want to renovate my entire house!!


Mel@Georgica Pond said...

All gorgeous choices Trish, so you can't go wrong with any of that. Just beautiful. In fact the image from Driftwood Interiors with the red coral prints is my sister's house she sold. I've never seen that photo of it though.

Unknown said...

They are beautiful, indeed! I love the whiteness of it all. It is so divine.
Ed of

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