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Monday, January 12, 2015

Fit & Healthy Week 1

For most of my life I have been interested in fitness & nutrition.
I was a sporty kid & then started working in the fitness industry at the age of twenty as an aerobics instructor.
This is me in my mid twenties after 2 kids. I used to love teaching Les Mills classes & still enjoy participating in them if I am ever in a gym.

I studied  to become a personal trainer & nutritionist. I even started my own personal training studio & worked in this industry until my early thirties, when baby no.3 came along. 
The hours became to challenging with a family. Most clients needed to train early in the morning or after work, the busy times in a family home.
 Sadly I let my qualifications go by the way side & eventually my healthy habits became more inconsistent.
 I have never fully abandoned my healthy lifestyle,I just became inconsistent & that doesn't get results, or at least not the results I wanted.
I'm not particularly over weight or unfit but I am about 5kg away from where I would like to be.
I want to be able to run 5km & see some muscle tone.
I want to go clothes shopping & not have to shop for clothes that hide my muffin top & I want to be able to have a photo taken & not think argh, look at that chubby face!

In 2013 I participated in the Maxines 12 week Shape up Challenge & got great results, but then got sick, which really played havoc with my health for about 3 months .
 I just never got back into the habit after that, we then moved house & well here I am, with no excuses now other than failing to start!!!

This was my final photo after the Maxines challenge,I wanted to lose just a touch more after this yet here I am 18months later & 2kg heavier.

Plan of attack

As Nike suggest I am going to "Just Do It!!!!"

I am starting with the Couch to 5k running program, they have a great app for your phone & a nice lady tells me when to run & when to walk.You only need to do it 3 x a week which is very achievable.
If you want to burn fat you need to do some cardio, you need to challenge yourself.
I walk most mornings but its not a challenge so it is only useful for maintaining my current weight & fitness level.
I've done this program before it  really does make the progression from walking to running reasonably easy & if you are struggling you just repeat the day or week until you are ready to move forward. 

I have my own gym set up at home so there is no reason I cant do a weight training program, nothing to stop me but laziness. I have written myself a   program so I can do a little something each day.There are however a wealth of great programs on if I want something a little different.
 The best results come from lifting weights, changing your body shape & boosting your metabolism.
Once again, it has to be challenging to work

I will also be cutting a lot of crap from my diet, mostly sugar, just making small changes each day over a few weeks until I am eating clean again.
Baby steps to form lifelong good habits, rather than an all or nothing attitude.

So feel free to join me, I will be updating once a week on how I am going, results or no results.
You can document your journey in the comments if you like or would any fellow bloggers like to join me & we could make a link party, a great way to share training, motivational tips & recipes.

What are your thought?

Have you lost your way & need a little boost to get going again as well?

Trish xx

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