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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fit and Healthy Week 3

Well week 2 was pretty good.
I managed to achieve all of my workout goals except for my second shoulder workout but I went water skiing instead & had a go on the knee board. That was a great shoulder workout, especially seen as though I hadnt done anything like that since my teenage years...ouch!


So this weeks plan is really just a repeat of last week, I have been letting the sugary snacks sneak their way back in a little so I need to tighten my belt there.
Week 3 of couch to 5k, I know it steps up a bit this week so will be more challenging.

I found a great circuit to do. It has 6 exercises that you do 10. Reps of each & repeat 6x.
You time yourself  so when you do it next you have to beat the previuos time which is a great idea.
The last exercise is burpee's & they really bring me unstuck.

I have gotten my treadmill & recumbant bike out of storage so I can still do some cardio no matter the weather which will be a god send as Ive been rained out every morning this week. No more excuses...eeek!

So how was your week?

Trish xx

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