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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Self Portrait

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Did you have a lovely evening seeing in the New Year?

We celebrated by having a mini street party with several of the neighbors & it was a really great night, the kids had a ball!!

My self portrait!

I have set myself  lots of goals for 2012 & one of those goals is to improve my photography, not just my technical skills but also my creativity.
To do this I am going to attempt to take a photo a day....Don't worry I wont post every single one of them, but, I am joining up with two other bloggers to post one photo a week.
On Wednesdays I will be joining in  with
Heather from Family Volley
 for her 2012 Photo Challenge. 
This weeks theme is
 "Self Portrait"

Its going to be a fun challenge, you should come & join us!

I have a few other goals for 2012 that I will share with you as we go along, I don't wont to bore you with all of this me, me, me talk...... not all at once any way, ha ha ha!!!

What are your goals for 2012?

Trish xxx


Ez said...

Thats a lovely photo Trishy! Although surely your teenage girls have taught you that with a self portrait there is supposed to be a lot more pouting and wide open doe eyes?? LOL ;-)

I think I shall join you on this challenge, best get my pout on tonight!


Brooke said...

Such a great idea! I would seriously benefit from a few photography lessons. If you learn the secret of taking great interior shots, please let us know!

Laura said...

Thats a great idea trish!! you look great! wish i was better at photography i have to say!! I know i will get around to it one day!!
happy new year to you!
laura xxx

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