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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Slow down Santa...Slow down

Does anyone else fell a little overwhelmed by how quickly Christmas is speeding towards us.
I am actually almost done with my gift shopping, my tree is all decorated & looking fabulous.
 I have all of my gift wrap & ribbons ready to go!
The christmas day celebrations will be at my brothers house, so minimum thought or effort is required by me for the day.

Are you hosting the festivities this year or do you get to put your feet up & enjoy someone elses hospitality?

Why do I feel like this little Santa in the above pic???

I feel life needs to slow down, just a tad!

The past month has brought about so much change in our lives, all positive but hectic all the same.
Seeing my older 2 children instantly transform into adults has thrown me a curveball I was expecting them to do this, one at a time, with 2 years between them.They both have full time jobs, dreamchild no1 has moved  out & is living 4 hours away at her fathers house. She is really happy &  earning great money& with  only  7 more days to wait to get the results from her higher school certificate exams, fingers crossed she gets the mark she needs to get into University.

These are pics from her Year 12 formal (Prom)

Time to cut the apron strings Trishy & accept these babies are grown ups!!!!

How about you, do you think 2011 could do with an extra few weeks or will you be glad to see the back of it & start fresh for 2012???

Trish xxx

P.S I will post some pics of my tree soon, I have been enjoying seeing all of your amazing Xmas decor!


Tiff said...

Lovely to meet you Trish! Thanks for those kind words too. I wish I was organized for Christmas as you sound! Your girls look gorgeous! X

lisa mae said...

it's just crazy how fast this year has gone.......and i'm all org this year shopping done {have to when loads of family are overseas}..........i have to say i'm loving the colour change on your blog {easy on the eye} smooch to you trish lisa xx can't wait to see your chrissy tree

Brooke said...

We are hosting Christmas lunch for the extended family this year, and with house guests and an ongoing renovation I knew I was going to have to be ultra organised. Decorations are up, all presents are wrapped and under the tree and the menu is planned. (Now I'm exhausted and would love a day off to relax with a good book!).

The Decorating Emporium said...

Trish, I was feeling totally overwhelmed, and then all of a sudden I got myself sorted! It is always a race to the finish for me, though, as I think I'm sorted, but always think of something extra to make Christmas more special.

Santa has bought all our kids iPods for Christmas, but expects us to get them ready. Hands up who'll be hanging out with iTunes on Christmas Eve?!!!!

Good on you for embracing this new stage in your and your girls' lives!


Beautiful House said...

Oh Trish, you have had a lot going on. Its so hard letting go a little bit more each year as they get older. Christmas is definately coming way to fast for me and I do feel like that santa. Have a fab weekend.x

Ez said...

Considering I haven't bought a single gift....I SERIOUSLY need Santa to slow down! lol but hey! what would our family xmas be like if I wasn't as disorganised as I always am...??

Its hard to be believe my two gorgeous nieces are so grown up....something to be really proud of though! :-)


Kym said...

Trish I know how you eldest has finished uni and has landed her dream job...youngest entering last year of schooling! As for Xmas....I'm hosting..I haven't done the tree, hardly started the shopping....yep I feel exactly like your Santa ;-/

KL said...

Hi Trish
I have awarded you the Liebster Award, a little recognition for blogs with under 200 followers. I love following your blog and hope others will too!
Have a great weekend.
x KL
There's more information about the award on my blog here:

B is building a house said...

We've only got 5 gifts that we need to get. Mr B's granny and our nephews and niece. Haven't yet bought any but it shouldn't be too hard :)

Hope you are having a great weekend.


ms.composure said...

yes i think we all would love for santa to SLOW DOWN!!! LoL

Jane said...

Hi Trish, our tree is up and there are a few gifts under the tree, a lot more to do though. I hear you about your kids, same here. Just like we can't slow Santa down, we can't slow the kids down from growing up before our eyes. Happy christmas thoughts to you Trish. Jane x

Mimi said...

Hi Trish, I certainly could do with a few more weeks. I feel for you with your children growing up so quickly, I am going through the same and my big one is hardly home, I am feeling a little lost. Have a wonderful Christmas. Mimi xx

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