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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We bought a house!

So its been a while since I did an update on the Dream House.
You may remember I did a post a while back explaining why we had decided NOT to build,
 if not you can catch up on all of the details here
Well the good news is,


The better news is...
 we have purchased a new home or should I say a 108 year old home.

Meet St Elmo, Circa 1906

Isn't she pretty!!

There are a lot of great original features left in this house which I will share with you more when I can get my photo's to stop loading sideways

We have a LOT of work to do to make her shine again, which I am grateful for, as we still get to make it our own

There is still one of the  fireplaces left out of the three the house originally had & we actually intend on making this room the Master bedroom...ooh la la, it sounds so romantic, I cant wait!

We have met the current owners who are such lovely people & filled us in on lots of the homes history. 
They are the 3rd owners of this home, having lived there for 35 years.
Sheesh, I haven't lived any where for longer than 6 years, perhaps I will settle down this time.

The house was originally built as Maitland's maternity hospital, so if the walls could talk, there would be some amazing stories to tell, I'm sure.
Don't worry, I did ask if it was haunted & they  said they had never seen or heard anything in their 35 years living there but one of their grand daughters had said she kept hearing babies crying when she had a sleep over one night.
I was hoping for  something a little  more exciting than that, he he he!!!

I cant wait to move in & start decorating, renovations will have to wait until we build the shed so my dream guy has somewhere to be a tradie from again. But there will be tonnes of things to blog about at long last.

I cant wait to also take you on a bit of a tour around the suburb we will be living in.
Lorn is a Heritage conservation area, so the homes are all gorgeous old heritage homes, some beautifully restored & some in need of some love.
The streets are lined with beautiful old tree's & its all situated on the banks of the Hunter River.
Eeek , I have so much to share!!!


Trish xxx

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