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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why we have given up on our dream house.

Well after 5 years of designing, planning & waiting for everything to be right so we could build our dream home we have given up & are now selling the land.
You can check out the listing if you like

As you can see we were all ready to start, with the site works complete. 
The problem is that we had planned to do it all as owner builders which was going to save us some money, but due to a forced roster change by my husbands employer he went from working 3 x 12 hour night shifts each week to an 8 week rotating roster. This not only meant he lost that consistent 5 days a week to work on our house but it also forced me out of my full time job. We didn't want our kids to have to go to before & after school care. This would have meant they would be doing an 11 hour school day & there would be no option for any after school activities like soccer & ballet.
It was an easy decision to make really as family & lifestyle are a bit more important to us than working our butts off for a house.
So we say farewell to our land & our dream house & hope for a speedy sale so we can buy a home & start getting on with life. It really does feel like our life has been on hold for the last 5 years. We have been planning & saving for the house rather than going on holidays or having as many adventures as we like.
In that time I have turned into a very frustrated decorator. I haven't wanted to spend any money buying things to decorate the house we rent as it is very different to what I would have as my own home.

We have been scouring real estate websites looking for something to buy. Our criteria for a house is pretty broad, we are equally as happy to buy brand new or a renovators delight.
 It has to be on a large enough block that the dream guy can have his shed & some space to fit a pool.
So watch this space, hopefully there will be something fun happening soon.

Trish xx

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