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Friday, November 26, 2010

Perfect pantry

Pantry traditional kitchen

Is this just the most PERFECT pantry on the planet, I would kill to have something so gorgeous in my dream home...
Dream Pantry kitchen

I love how organised this one looks, all of those perfectly matched storage jars, lined up so so neatly... the kids would soon spoil this image!!!
Traditional with a Twist traditional kitchen

I love these pull out pantry units, very practical & space efficient.

There is a pantry style to suit every home & budget, I guess the most important thing is knowing how to make your allocated space work well for you.
Knowing what you want to keep in your pantry, who is going to be using it & does it need to be visually appealing ,or can you close a door & hide your clutter from the world.

I like the idea of lots of open shelves with matching storage containers to give an organised & tidy feel, even after the kids have been.
I would like some hooks to hang the school bags from. A message board & calender to keep track of our daily activities & school notes, without cluttering up the kitchen,  a place to hang a broom & dust pan. Perhaps a few baskets for tea towels & place mats, rather than keeping them in the linen cupboard.

What sort of pantry do you have or dream of having?

Trish xxx


Just Martha said...

I never get my pantry right! I always seem to have atleast one corner shelf that is difficult to reach and put stuff in!! Next time.... Hey thanks for the comments. One day we are going to meet with our other fav bloggers. Popped over to Belle yesterday. What a heavenly site!!! thanks for the tip..

JANE said...

Oh, squeal, Trish! However, I doubt it's actually used. It looks too styled and neat to be real, don't you think?! Lovely to ogle at, though. J x

GeorgyG design said...

I love the idea of a pantry like the one in the first picture. Unfortunately we don't have room for something like that so a well designed one with pull out sections and place for the herbs and spices and containers of pasta, flour, rice. One day I will get organised and have something like this. The some open shelves in the kitchen with maybe red canisters with coffee, tea, sugar. G

brismod said...

That is the most beautiful and organised pantry I have ever seen. Ever. I seriously have to get my pantry act together. xx

Pink Flamingo said...

Hi Trish, that first pantry is to die for! Thank you for the follow and comment. x Chloe

Anonymous said...

Those pantries are breathtaking. You would cringe if you saw my "pantry" (if that's what you can call it). Our kitchen is so tiny so we don't have a proper pantry. I am using an Ikea wardrobe in the dining area! It's such an eyesore. Although I guess it detracts from my concrete floor a little. Horrible. But things are starting to happen now. I can't wait!
Megs x

Anonymous said...

The ultimate pantry in the top pic Trish! Sigh. We're having a small 1m X 1m walk in pantry for all the food and I am also considering storing appliances in there too. Luckily our laundry is off the kitchen and I am considering using this like a scullery when we are entertaining. Around the back of the kitchen I have a small mud room for all the things you mentioned....handbags, mobile phones, schoolbags and mail, keys etc. I will be in organisational heaven! Can't wait!
X Briohny.

Anonymous said...

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