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Monday, November 22, 2010

100th Post

My 100th post...
Who would have thought I would have enough people enjoying my ramblings for me to continue on to 100 posts!!!

I have seriously enjoyed blogging since I began back in April...I have met some of the most amazing & inspirational people in this land of blogging.

I am always sooo excited to see your comments on my posts, they are always filled with encouragement & support

Then there are the emails with a snippet of information, a useful link or inspiration pic or just a friendly introduction from a new follower, they are always a pleasure to receive!!!

I have learnt many things from You, my wonderful bloggy friends...

Ive learnt so much about interior design, choosing colour & combining it with pattern, creating  beautiful table scape's as well as wonderful table setings for  dinner parties or casual entertaining.
I have discovered some fabulous craft ideas for entertaining my children & some great little tricks to get them to help with the cleaning up!!
I have developed a real love for photography & hope my dream guy will surprise me with a digital SLR camera for Christmas, there are so many of you bloggers with amazing photography skills to share I just can't wait to learn more...
Then of course there are all of the fabulous HOW TO posts that have me inspired to create or revamp SOMETHING...I have soooo many plans, but so little confidence, I am yet to do anything...
but I WILL!!!

I think I am  learning how to be a better me...

I must admit, it took a BIG push from my sister & No.1 follower, Erin, before I found the courage to actually write that first post.
 She was very supportive & had more faith in my ability than I ever had, so for this I say
Thank You Ezzy!!!

I have baked you all one of these to say
& now Im off to catch up on what you have all been up to for the weekend
Have a fabulous week my bloggy friends

P.S i hope you enjoyed the pics from my xmas tree, its still a work in progress, we have put it up a little earlier this year, just because we can!!!

Trish xxx

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