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Thursday, November 11, 2010

For the love of Art

A while back I did a post on Dramatic dining ,show casing some lovely dining rooms painted in dramatic colours.
I fell in love with one particular room, the combination of colours , furnishings & in particular,
 the art.

I decided to do a bit of a search at a few of my favourite online Art stores & I managed to find this ...

This lovely piece is titled
"Lepa Zena"
& is by artist Marta Gottfried Wiley

 I was completely amazed to learn just how talented one person could possibly be...
A  sculptor, fashion designer, model, poet, and author Marta Gottfried Wiley has painted thousands of paintings and written over 2, 000 songs .

"Crew I"

 The Lepa Zena is a top seller in China, where the horse symbolizes success, money, luck, and glory. Surprisingly, its success has been parallel with China's ascent to Super Power.
The Lepa Zena is also considered Marta's greatest master piece.

Ah I have renewed faith in my taste for art, after all, I have fallen in love with a master piece

"Cafe Mocha"

Marta owns her own publishing company, Marta G. Wiley Studios
You can learn more about her through her website here, you really should read her bio, its a very inspiring story.


She has a huge variety in her work but appears to use a predominately neutral colour palette for her work. She has accomplished so much in her life so far, it makes me wonder if this incredible women ever actually sleeps.

I found a reasonable selection of her work thru online art store
I am hoping to purchase  the "Lepa Zena" in 101cm x 76cm for $98.00, although there is a smaller size available.
Then I need to decide, does it go in the lounge area, the dinin room or over the stairs...
Ahh the decisions a girls go to make!!!

Do you have a favourite artist or a great affordable online art store?

Trish xxx


Anonymous said...

How is it that one person can get so much talent and I lucked out completely? What an amazing woman. I have been meaning to catch up with you for ages to apologise for not participating in the 'Super Comments' award. Don't get me wrong, because I was delighted to be a recipient but I'm struggling to find the time at the moment. Hope you understand.
X Briohny.

M said...

Hi Trish! Was the piece you loved available to buy for your dream home? M xoxo

chair up said...

That horse picture is great Trish. She is one talented lady all right.
I feel a bit guilty as a couple of the pictures I currently have in the lounge I got from the internet. I am sure I am in breach of copyrite(sp?) and because of that my conscience won't let me enjoy the art as much as I should.
Angex said...

The horse is lovely. I am very fortunate in having a very talented artist friend and can have what I like produced. She isn't interested so much in home decor and doesn't understand my excitement whenever she whips something up!
Suzy xxx

Vic said...

i love art.....these are amazing:) my favorite artists are M and H. teeee heeee:) xoxoxo

mydesignchic said...

Great detective work...I love it too!!

Paula said...

Hi Trish! Grew up with horses so this artwork really appeals to me, I like the movement in it. Very (multi) talented artist. Growing up, my parents favoured landscape artists like John Constable. I couldn't nominate one individual I favour - there are so many and I need to get better educated on the subject! I find Etsy now has good fine art 'filters':
...and I'm a sucker for a b&w illustration. Have a good weekend x

Paula said...

P.S Crack up comment from Vic.

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