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Friday, September 25, 2015

Sunsets through my iPhone

I love combining my hobbies and fortunately fitness and photography play well together.

Whilst its not practical to carry a bulky DSLR with you when your trying to get a workout its no hassle to carry your phone.

I use an app on my iPhone, combined with my Fitbit HR watch to track the intensity, speed & distance of my walk, which sometimes lags as I stop to take photos...... Wooops!!!!

I am fortunate to live in what I think is a wonderful  location & manage to constantly have something catch my eye. , that I think is photo worthy. 

No doubt others might find my happy snaps boring, but thats okay, it all makes my day better. I love seeing the beauty in my surroundings & often find myself having a small smile for no real reason.

Its not unusual to see me crouched down in a bush trying to frame a shot, or lying on my tummy to get a better angle, people must think I am a bit of a weirdo at times. I even pull over to the side of the road when I am driving because I can't bare to miss capturing a beautiful sunset. In fact My Instagram account is flooded with sunsets.

So if you want to see more pop by my instagram @dreamhousetrish , there is photos other stuff as well, he he he!!!!!

Trish xx

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What we've been up to lately

Life just seems to whiz by of late, please tell me you notice it as well.
Progress on the dream house has seemed some what slow , in fact almost at times, its been at a stand still, up until the past 3 weeks that is.

The bathroom renovations are still on going but with a house that needs re peiring its not just a case of doing one room at a time. Piers around the area you are working on also need to be replaced to prevent cracking the parts you renovate further down the track. So no pretty pictures yet just mess & cracked walls......Yes, I am finding it hard to be patient.

There has been lots of rebuilding due to old termite damage, as you can see by the photos above they built great nests & had a real feast on some of the timber. Thankfully they are no longer active in the home.

This is what this room looked like before we purchased the house.

We have 95% of the fixtures & fittings sitting in a spare room ready to go & have even done a test run on a temporary wall in our living area to perfect the layout of our mirrors & wall lights so the dream guy could batten out the walls where they will all hang.It would appear that I have a knack of choosing heavy items so a little extra bracing is required.....ooops!

We have had a plumber in & all of the ground work is now done for the plumbing side of things, the electrical wiring is in place & we are just waiting on quotes from a couple of tilers for the tiling & waterproofing
The dream guy has been super busy with his electrical contracting business so even less time for renovating but I think the work side might be the priority at this stage.
If you need an awesome electrician & you're in the Hunter Valley area give him a call

MJE Electrical 0417945526

Sorry for the shameless plug

I am working on design boards for the rest of the house at the same time as this, trying to nail down the perfect kitchen design, including a butlers pantry & choosing the perfect paint colour as I want a cohesive look throughout the house, but these will all require a post of there own.

Until the next update.....

Trish xx

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A plan to kick start clean eating & working out

So if you've been reading my occasional blog posts for a while now you would know I started off the year with so many good intentions, especially in the fitness & nutrition department.
 I was also going to blog super regularly. As always I haven't followed through on ANY of these plans. I am really disappointed in myself for this as I don't even have a real excuse, other than I have over promised & under delivered.
No point whining, it is what it is & I am the only one that can change these things.

You can go back to January read about my original plans on how I intended to get Fit & Healthy if you like or we can just start from scratch, togethor,today.

I have a few issues that hold me back from achieving my goals, the biggest one of all being terrible sugar cravings. That stuff really is addictive & the more of it you eat the more you crave it & the more you make it TABOO, the more you crave it.
I read this great article
from the My Fitness Pal blog & it really makes a lot of sense in saying that we need to learn to just allow ourselves to have a small serving of the foods we crave & even if you feel like more give yourself permission to have another helping on another day.
No more TABOO foods should help minimise those cravings, time to action some portion control instead.

Next up its time to tackle the exercise situation, the plan here is to just make sure I do something 3-4 days per week rather than 6 days a week sometimes twice a day.
I am a real self punisher, so I set these harsh, unrealistic goals of  an extreme exercise regime & perfection in the clean eating department & when I don't achieve it I punish myself with lots & lots of negative self talk & I don't allow myself any luxuries, like new clothes, shoes, haircuts or even a massage on an aching body. This sets off a vicious cycle then of stress & emotional eating, followed by bloating, weight gain & more negative self talk.
How am I going to tackle this craziness, by being kind to myself, loving the body i am in & trying to add some sort of consistency to my training.
My training program is going to consist of a minimum 4 workouts a week. To start I don't care what the workouts consist of, as long as its challenging at the time. It could be weights, a circuit, a brisk walk or some interval training. As long as I am moving & breaking into a sweat it doesn't matter.
I know when I get into the habit of exercising regularly my body then craves water & good clean food, so one really does help the other.

So thats my plan to kick start clean eating & working out
No TABOO foods just portion control & healthy choices 

Workout consistently 4 times a week with reasonable intensity. 

Do you suffer from these issues as well?
How do you tackle the problem?

Trish xx

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