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Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 a year of positive challenges

Its funny how every time the calendar clicks over to a new year we have an overwhelming urge to improve ourselves.
Isn't that something we should think about everyday. I want to do that. I want to wake up each morning & think about what I can do, to be better than I was yesterday.

 I want to be a better wife, mum & friend. Relationships are something that we should all invest time in, especially family.I will be making time for a few girlie coffee dates with friends & dinner dates for the dream guy & I to catch up with friends together. As well as the usual mum time, I have lots of things planned for the kids as well.

My little Christmas reindeer, he falls under the family & fitness category, lots of love & walks for Ralph in 2016

I need to be fitter & healthier. I was on the right track in this department & feeling awesome but the festive season took over & here I am a little chubbier around my middle, bloated, uncomfortable & out of routine when it comes to working out.Oh, how easily I can be distracted.
 So time to find a little discipline & get back on track. I ALWAYS feel better for it!!!

I am desperate to improve my career options this year, maybe work for myself or maybe an employer, we will just see how that pans out. I am doing some pretty full on research into what option of study will work best for me & get me into a role within the interior design world, whilst working & maintaining life as we know it.You know, the current job, household duties, parenting etc etc.
There are so so many course providers, each teaching the same syllabus but with their own trademark style. The prices vary incredibly from college to college & then there is the option of attending face to face classes or online study.Do I do a diploma or just a cert IV. If you have any experiences or recommendations in this area all advice will be taken on board .No decisions have been made at this point......eeeek!!!!

I am a little photography obsessed at the moment, that is my relaxation, it really does transport me to my happy place. Its always on my mind as to how I can improve.
 Practice practice practice I think is the best way. I have decided to learn a little about editing this year & have already started trying to learn how to use Lightroom & will incorporate that with Photoshop, which will also be useful for creating design boards in the interior design world. I have noticed that just through the tutorials I have done so far on Lightroom it has made me put a bit more thought into how I take my photos, so winning already.
I have also joined up with a couple of photo challenges in hope that I can complete  365 days of photo's, or should I say 366 seen as though it is a leap year.Having someone set a theme for the day really challenges you to be a bit more creative. No doubt some of my photo's are going to be boring as some days you just have no mojo but I do hope to produce a few snappers.

 So far I have joined the
 Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge
 Finding Myself Young 52 weeks of memories challenge
I am yet to join a 365 day challenge, at this stage its just my personal mission. So  once a week I will post the weeks worth of photo's on here or you can catch me on instagram @dreamhousetrish
I think most of these will be taken with my iPhone. As much as I would like to do them on my DSLR the best camera is the one you have on you && for me its my phone. I have no major rules on this aspect as its all for fun. Its not convenient to carry a bulky camera. I often find my best photo opportunities arise when I am out walking or running, luckily my phone is also my workout tracker so I always have it on me & don't have to miss out on the opportunity.
My last personal challenge is to be a better blogger. Blogging has changed since I started but I haven't really moved with those changes so expect to see some new stuff going on around here as well. Firstly though I would like to get back into the routine of regular posts before I get to carried away. All will evolve slowly over time I think.

So how about you, any goals for 2016, I would love to here about them.
Happy New Year everyone, lets hope its a great one full of good health & happiness!

Trish xx

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