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Saturday, December 19, 2015

My Christmas Wish List......its HUUUUGE!!!!

Dreaming's free right......

Just as well because my Christmas wish list certainly isn't
I feel like I am ending this year on a bit of a personal low. I don't feel I have achieved any real personal goals. I do feel you should always be learning & improving upon yourself, working towards being a better, smarter, more accomplished person each & every year. I have really dropped the ball this year.
I can say I feel my photography has improved & I have tried to work on lots of different genre's from landscape, portrait,pet photography, home styling, food styling, flat lay & macro

 I have also just purchased a subscription for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom & a little mini course to teach me the basics on how to use it all because WOW, what an incredible piece of software, the applications are just endless.

 My local photography group are offering a few meet ups in the new on this very topic so I have decided to step out of my comfort zone & instead of just admiring their beautiful photo's on Facebook I will join in & learn from them as well, why not meet a group of people in my area with like minded interests. They do a lot of sunrise meets & this is something I would love to photograph but am often to scared to venture off into the dark alone. Perfect hey, this learning problem is sorted!!!!

Image via ISCD

Whilst working in a tile store is great & affords me the opportunity to help people make design & colour choices for their homes I really do crave a whole lot more of this. I have done a self interest Design & Decoration Course which offered a great deal of useful knowledge but I really would like to take this a whole lot further. 
Whether that means working for myself or someone else Im not sure. I do know I need some more formal qualifications in this area, some in depth knowledge.

At this stage I would be more than happy to study a Certificate IV in Design as a starting point & quite like the look & feel of the course offered by the International School of Colour & Design
ISCD it comes at a cost of a bit over $4000 which you can do through Online learning which suits me with my current work & family commitments.You have 18mths to complete the course & then, if you would like to take it further, you have the option of doing a Diploma in the area you prefer to specialise in.

 Sadly I have to get approval for such a large spend from the financial controller of the house & Im not to sure I will get him over the line on this one.

 Image via The School

I would also love to do a day session or two at the master of design Megan Mortons
 The Styling Inspiration course would be a wonderful way to get started in a career as a stylist & photography 101 would be a huge asset to have as well to co-ordinate with that styling.
Image via The School

It would be awesome to be able to creatively add a professional edge when photographing your vignettes to effectively advertise your work.

Image my own!

So as you can see, my wish list is pushing Santa way outside the realms of gift giving & perhaps the more realistic approach would be to buy a lottery ticket....Ha ha ha.
Do you have a wish list as long as mine with a price tag of around $5000....eeek!!!
I guess it could be worse, I could be dreaming of a single piece of jewelry, I will sooth my guilty conscience by telling myself its all about improving my future,building a great career as the most fantastic designer & stylist the Hunter Valley has ever seen.... ha ha ha!!

Merry Christmas everyone & cheers to a year of self improvement in 2016

Trish xx

P.S all photos are mine unless otherwise stated!

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