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Thursday, November 25, 2010

New blog on the block

I remember when I first started out blogging I was beside myself whenever I got a new follower...
Oh hang on a minute, nothings changed.
It really is a thrill to meet a new follower!!!
What I was going to say was, when I first started out ,the lovely Ange from Chair up introduced me to her friends & lots of them popped over to my blog to say Hi & I was on my way!!!
Thank you Ange for being so welcoming & full of encouragement, it was greatly appreciated.

Image via Decor Pad

Ange is a whizz at furniture make overs & reupholstering chairs etc, you really should pop by & check out her blog if you haven't done so already.

Now the new blog I would like to introduce you to is

Another beautiful blogger residing on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia.
 The sunshine state certainly produces some inspiring, stylish ladies!!!

You should drop by for a peak as it is a treasure trove of eye candy such as these gorgeous images

Stop by & follow belle Inspirations "on a journey of all things INSPIRATIONAL" & give her a huge
 blog land welcome!!

Thank You for all of your lovely comments regarding my 100th post.

You bloggers certainly know how to make a gal feel luuurved!!!

 All the lovely comments about my Xmas tree made me feel rather proud of myself, I have to confess my "feather garlands" are actually feather boa's. They cost $4 each at a shop called Hot Dollar, I have 4 on my tree but could do with 2 more.

Have a lovely week my friends!!!

Trish xxx

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