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Monday, November 29, 2010

Laundry loveliness

Laundry contemporary laundry room

Being a mother of 4 children means I'm pretty much chained to my washing basket.
This makes the laundry one of the most important rooms in the house & an efficient use of space is of the utmost importance.
I think the laundry above is certainly perfect in every way.Shaker style cabinets & subway tiles are the ultimate finish to a well set out space.
I especially love the marble topped table in the centre of the room, beautiful & handy all at the same time.

This one is another favourite & probably a little more realistic for most of our budgets & space allocation.
In my last house we had a fantastic laundry. It had a nice long bench area like this with plenty of overhead cupboards, a nice tall broom cupboard & a large linen press.
It made it very easy to stay organised, I would iron a few things each day as dinner was cooking, never having to pack things away! 

Another pretty laundry with a fabulous centre table.
Unfortunately the house we are renting has an extremely small laundry, it fits our washing machine & tumble dryer & we have a cupboard sitting in front of the external door as there is NO storage in there at all.

There is a fabulous amount of storage in this great laundry.
Its great to be able to fold & iron all of the clothes in the laundry & leave then sitting on the bench until you have time to pack it away, visitors never have to experience the mess.

Are you lucky enough to have a fabulous laundry with tonnes of storage & bench space to work on, or are you like me at the moment & folding the washing on the kitchen table each day?

Trish xxx


Ez said...

I'm like you and folding clothes on the dinning table every day, although luckily I dont have quite as much to fold as you!

No space in the laundry though...this could have something to do with the extra freezer my man insists on having.... :-S

In my next house I plan to have a fabulous laundry with tonnes of space and a massive linen cupboard!!

x said...

I too am not lucky enough to have a large laundry. Our last home was much smaller, yet there was loads of cupboard space - go figure. My "dream" house has a laundry larger than the rest of the house. Considering the amount of time we spend washing and folding, we all should have a beautiful claw foot bath and an enormous wide screen TV in there too :)
Suzy xxx

Unknown said...

i wish i had a laundry like that. mine is currently under the house and i don't see any chance of it moving soon. about time it became a stylish room in the house!

Mimi said...

I have never really had a laundry until this home and when we were renovating I did not really consider what I needed, how foolish was I. Mimi xx P.S. BEAUTIFUL PICTURES.

brismod said...

My laundry is under the house. I'd love to have a beautiful laundry one day too. xx

Beautiful House said...

I do love my laundry, it could be a little bit bigger, and maybe if it came with a person to do it all for me, mmmm. That would be nice. Those laundry pictures are stunning and make washing look just a little bit fun.

GoldenValley50 said...

I've dreamed of having a beautiful laundry. In every house I have ever lived it seems as if the laundry has always been a bit of an "add on". My laundry in this house is the size of a postage stamp so sorting and folding is usually done in the spare bedroom. Love the colours in photo 2! ;)Sharyne

Wyl said...

Its good to see I am not the only one who really likes a nice laundry! You need to have one considering how much time gets spent in there! I wish I had bench space like the pics!!

designchic said...

Dream laundry rooms...I too fold on the breakfast room table!!

Belle Inspirations said...

Wow what Fabulous laundry's I especially love the third one. Well I'll keep dreaming! Have a great day filled with inspiration trish!

Anonymous said...

STOP TEASING US! First it was the perfect pantry and now you're showing us the ultimate laundry! How perfect life could be with a laundry like those above.....does it also come with Alice from the Brandy Bunch?! Do you know I am so 'into' my new laundry I have walked into my current rental laundry and felt disoriented! "That's not where the trough should be!" Is my life so completely dull that I could fill an afternoon thinking about laundries!
X Briohny.

Life in the Country Lane said...

My space is huge, but nothing like these. Some great inspirational pics to help me improve my space. I love the second one - it must be the blue!
Rebecca x

Georgy said...

Our laundry is also acting as our bathroom at the moment, so very little space. We are putting in a new one next year and love the look of the one in your second photo. Great inspiration! G

Casa Très Chic said...

My favorite is the picture number two, abolutely love it.
Nice post, love your blog.
Hugs from Brasil.

Ann said...

Those laundry rooms are so immaculate and orderly...

great inspirations for us all who have quite a bit messy laundry rooms:)

Helen M said...

There's something about working in clean, serene spaces, it's quite soothing especially laundries.I think so many people don't give a second thought to these rooms when building new homes, but we spend so much of our time in there they should almost be luxurious escapes!!!
Helen M

Tina said...

I am so in love with that second pic, Trish! I LOVE that laundry! We have a decent sized laundry, and even replaced the timber floor and tiled it ourselves in our first week here (OK we had to as the floor fell in when we walked on it). This post has inspired me to get in and organise our laundry tomorrow...thanks! ~ Tina xx

Anonymous said...

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