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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fancy a Faux Fireplace

Image via wicker & stitch

When we finally build our dream house I really do fancy the idea of a faux fireplace in the master bedroom...

Something to add a little romance to the boudoir

I don't want an actual fire, just the mantle to give a hint of what could be...

Image via My shabby stream side studio

A lovely arrangement of fragrant candles is all the flame I require!

Image via Urban farm girl

Accompanied by a pretty pendant light or chandelier

Image via My Summerhouse

with a mirrored firescreen to add a little extra spark & give it a stunning finish

of course a lovely accent chair would also be fitting in such a romantic space

mirrors really do add that extra bling a girl needs...

Image via Dreamy whites

I know this isn't in a bedroom but still its so feminine & pretty I just had to include it...

Now a bit of the romance will be lost when I place the TV above it, but, what better way to display the big black box...

Image via DIY Show off
Perhaps I could get my dream guy to build a picture frame around the TV to make it look like art & help keep the romantic look of our dream bedroom.
That is IF I can talk him into the Faux fireplace to start with, at least this is a decorating item that can be added to your decor any time, so I can work on this one at a later date. The poor man, lucky he doesn't read my blog, he would know just how many ideas I have for decorating this dream house, he would probably run a mile, LOL!!!

Trish xxx 

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