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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dramatic Dining

color combos - orange

Ive always been  a huge fan of light neutral walls, you know the whole white on white ,or timber & white,
 the more time I spend in the blogosphere the more deliciously dramatic dining images
capture my heart.
Just look at that amazing ceiling & chandelier, this is such a spectacular room.
Purple dining room by dominomag traditional dining room
Images via Houzz
The contrast of this deep purple with white & timber is stunning.

I don't actually know who is responsible for this image, but I love love love it...
The perfect shade on the walls, the mirrored dining table & buffet, the fabric on the upholstered chairs & the warmth of those drapes, I don't know about you, but I really like this dining room, right down to the beautiful horse art work...
What do you think of this one?

Phoebe Howard always does it with style, I don't think Ive seen an example of her work yet that I haven't swooned over!

Image via Things to inspire

Very Elegant,
 I love this dining room, but
definately isn't a word that would really describe me, so probably not the right style for my laid back home!

Source unknown.

Now this is a dramatic dining room!
Are you brave enough to paint a room black, I don't think I am, even if this does look incredible!

image via House & Garden UK

Perhaps a black wallpaper feature like this would suit those of us with a faint heart!!!

Image via decor pad
Once again, very beautiful to look at , that ceiling is incredible, perfect for showing off such an incredible chandelier. I think the turquoise upholstery on the tufted chairs & curtain trims, really softens the space!

source unknown
I have a big square 8 seater  jarrah table for my formal dining table, its surrounded by 8 matching scroll back chairs, upholstered in a sandstone coloured micro suede. I think a nice medium to dark greige on the walls would really compliment them nicely.
I also love to see a nice sparkling chandelier hanging over the dining table, every girl needs a little bling in her life!!

What are your favourite dining room schemes?

Trish xxx 


Signe said...

Love the plum colored room with white furniture and chandelier, such a great combination!

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

Oh where do I start? There is nothing like a gorgeous chandelier to set the rooms mood. That accompanied with a simple paint color and pops of color do wonders. Great pics!

Mimi said...

They are all so elegant, but my favourite would be the Black Dining Room, it is so dramatic. Mimi x

Beautiful House said...

Hi Trish, lovely dining rooms, especially the chandeliers. I have one in my kitchen and entrance and I really enjoy them.

Tara said...

I would love a chandelier in my dining room but alas poor me has to do without..BUT I'm working on it!!..xx

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulously elegant dining areas! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx


Hi Trish, Adding a splash of colour to the dining experience definitely changes the mood of a room. Just image what these rooms would look like under candle light... amazing! I do prefer the lighter tones except when it comes to entertaining and relaxing. My favorite dining room would have to acknowledge my travels in some way and use candle light or soft lighting! Have a great weekend, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Isn't it frustrating! The more time you spend exploring blogs the more ideas you collect, the more concepts you fall in love with and making a decision just becomes so hard. Not because you can't decide but more becasue by selecting, you exclude so many other gorgeous options! And I agree, Phoebe Howard is the MASTER!
X Briohny.

Jen said...

Look at these GORGEOUS chandies!! My next house will have one in each room! And did you see that purple wall? STUNNING!! Love this collection of photos dear!

Oh and sweetie, have you stopped by and put your city info in at LOCATION CENTRAL yet? It's where you're able to see who else blogs in your area.

Melinda said...

I think we have identical taste. I just love all your images. Maybe I should get you to decorate my home instead of me? You have a great eye.

Anonymous said...

Dramatic indeed!

I don't see people eating on dinning room like this, I usually see people on a place like this having a photo shoot. LOL. It's so dramatic! I imagine a man and a girl posing somewhere the wall.

If I have this in my house, I won't eat there. I'd be posing!

Great photos you've got here Trish! Very resourceful!

I want to follow one of the designs here, especially the glass table. I wonder if it still need some table pads. I got antique wood tables, so I have table pad on them to protect the table from scratches and preserving the beauty and artistic designs.

Do you think the glass tables need table pads? I've been obsessed with these table pad too. LOL. I just got my custom table pad and it has very artistic designs and carvings which is excellent.

Anyway, well done here Trish!

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