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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vintage Camera Collection

One of the things i have started to develop an interest in over the past couple of years  is photography .
 Some time in the future I would really love to invest in a decent digital SLR camera & perhaps a basic course, on how to get the most from my camera, with a few basic skills for fab snaps thrown in.

Technology has made taking photos & editing them so easy & there really is NO limit on how many you take, in search of that perfect shot.  In the past with film & developing costs really limited your choices, not to mention the waiting time whilst your film was off at the developers!!

I have been very privileged in being the proud recipient of my in laws first ever cameras.
They had come on a little shopping adventure to Maitland Markets where I was about to buy a vintage camera & kindly offered me theirs instead.
This worked well for all of us, I had a new decorator item that had a little family history & they had someone to look after an item from thier childhood that was dear to them!

These 2 cute little box browning camera's are my new prized posessions.
My mother & father in law both got these as gifts when they where only 13 & 14 yrs old, in the 1940's.
They have been kept in their cases  & carefully stored so they are in pristine condition.
I just love them & feel very privileged to be the new custodian!
Whilst shopping at Maitland Markets on the weekend I came across this cute little vintage Kodak camera, circa 1910 & I thought it would sit perfectly with the box Browning's & complete my little collection!

What do you think? don't they make a perfect trio!!

Maitland Markets are one of Australia's largest markets & they are 5minutes from my home. I would have to say they are a thrifters dream. There are so many stalls full of antiques & pre loved items, if chinoiserie is your passion, then these are the markets for you, the choices are endless, not to mention all of the clever arts & crafts plus the rip off designer stalls!!

I'm not sure where I found these images but I love the rustic display of these vintage cameras!

I enjoy  seeing a few old treasures mixed in with the new, shiny things. I think it adds a little character & warmth to a room, especially if there is a story behind the item.
 Sometimes the story of how you came across a vintage item even makes it fun!!

Do you have any family treasures handed down thru the generations?

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