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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Better Homes & Gardens Live

Well my trip to see BHG live was definitely worth while.
 We had a wonderful day out, although my guest list dropped off a little. It only ended up being myself, my mum & dad & my 3yr old daughter, the others all got what they thought was a better offer!

I had 7 tickets so I gave the 4 spare tickets to some people out the front before we went in as I didn't want them to go to waste.
There was an enourmous amount of exhibits to explore & everyone working on them was extremely helpful.

Mya had a wonderful day, she painted & played & ate her way thru the exhibits, sampling lollies, chocolate, popcorn & whatever people offered her really!!!

There where a lot of live shows from the BHG team but having a pram meant you couldn't really get close enough to see what was going on, but I'm sure they where great.
I did catch a snippet of Tara  doing a demonstration & I have to say, she is even more gorgeous in real life than she is on TV.

I was a little disappointed that there where only 4 rooms set up on display to inspire us.

They where decorated by an online company called

Connect Furniture has a collection of over 1000 diverse & unique furniture providers

You just type in what your looking for  & it will bring up a pile of choices

You are then able to purchase online & your lovely new piece will arrive within 14 days
Now that makes shopping easy!!!

One of the suppliers for Connect Furniture is

They decorated this space for BHG live

love the venetian mirror

& the corbusier chaise lounge

this mirrored buffet was just gorgeous

so where the Metropolis trunks.

I would love to hear what others thought of the day, I hope everyone had a great time!

Trish xxx

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