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Friday, October 1, 2010

Super Comments Award

Now a while ago the very lovely Katena from Taylor Made Baking  had so generously awarded me with

The Super Comments Award

Katena writes a lovely blog about the AMAZING cakes & parties she caters. Her birthday cakes & goodies are truly inspirational. You need to drop by her blog for a peek, especially at the moment as she is preparing for her little girls FIRST birthday & its going to be a very special party indeed!!!

Now part of the Super Comments Award requires you to answer the following questions, I do hope I don't bore you to much!!!

Why do you blog?
I started blogging as a way to vent  my design frustrations. This whole renting while you are waiting to build really squashes any creativity you may have. I don't want to spend money decorating the rental when I know should  save for the new house & not all of our furniture fits in this house, so some of my most favourite things are in storage...Boo Hoo!! As it turns out this process is definitely going to last a lot longer than expected!

What are three of your best memories?
I don't think I could pin point just 3, after all I have 4 children & they each provide me with so many wonderful memories.

If you changed your name , what would it be?
I have never really liked my name, especially as a child. I always thought of Patricia as a bit of an old ladies name, I guess now I'm pushing 40 that means Ive grown into it...LOL!
I would have liked something that sounded more sophisticated, any suggestions!
 My husband is a great fan of the Simpson's, so he thinks it would be fun to do a Homer & change our names to "Max Power" & "Hooty McBoob", ha ha ha, thats not very sophisticated now is it!!!!

Five things I couldn't live without?
If I say my husband & 4 kids it will use this question up & we all know that goes with out saying. I feel that isn't a very creative response, so here goes; 
I couldn't live without this big guy, but I could live without the criminal hair style he gives himself!!

Coffee, although I am trying to make some cut backs on this addiction


Lucas' Paw Paw ointment, fabulous for all sorts of skin ailments, chaffed lips, dermatitis etc

Witch Hazel, the ultimate skin cleanser & toner & only $6.95 a bottle

My laptop, it keeps me in touch with all of my wonderful blog friends

Four best books?
I have to be honest, I don't often read & can't remember the last time I picked up a sad :(
Probably has more to do with my magazine & blogging addictions, I do plenty of reading!!!!
I do read lots of childrens books though, Dr Suess is a huge favourite at our house!

A unique & interesting fact about yourself!
Oooohhhh, I can't think of anything particularly unique or interesting about myself, I lead a pretty normal life & have no stand out talents, I'm just an average kind of girl...
Sorry, a very average answer there!

The best movie ever made?
I'm not sure on this one, if it where for special effects I would have to say

For comedy I think my choice would easily be
The Hang over

& on the romance stakes I don't think any body could go past
The Note Book

If it where freaky Friday, who would you change with?
I know this sounds a little stalkerish, but, I would change with one of my teenage daughters, just to see what they are really like & the things they get up to when I'm not around!!

Look at all of that daughterly love!!!

Best thing about being a women?
Oh definitely the hair, make-up & fashion, I love all that girlie stuff!!

Allanah Hill Fashion

Now the next part of the Super Comments Award

Pass the award onto some fellow blogger's

This is by far the hardest part of receiving an award. I love so many blogs & would be devastated if I had offended someone by not thinking of them or make some one feel burdened by the thought of responding, so I am just going to award a few lovely bloggers & hope you will drop by & say Hi to them!

Sam from Style at Home

Christine from Sunshine & Lollypops

Congratulations ladies & a big thank you to all of my lovely bloggy friends who drop by from time to time to see what Im up to. I do appreciate your visits & cherish your lovely comments!

Trish xxx
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