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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by the wonderful Martha at
Jelly Shane
to share 4x4 things about me.
Now this was heaps of fun, but now I know you will find out the truth about my warped personality
Bwah hahahahah!!!!

This is the hand bag I wish I owned!

4 Things That... are usually in my handbag

Kids snacks
Lip gloss
Detol hand sanitiser

Image via Decor happy
I could seriously call this romantic boudoir home
4 Things That...are in my bedroom

My 3 vintage camera's
TV, I know, not exactly a style statement, but practical. My dream guy is a night owl, me...not so much!
I have copious amounts of pillows on my bed
Framed wedding photo's

4 Things That... I would like to do but never did
First of all I would like to say
"Never say Never!"
Travel the world,
 aside from a 3 day stint in Auckland I haven't been any where much!
My sister has just returned from a trip to  Europe, you can just imagine how envious I am!!

I would love to run a marathon,just to know that I was supremely fit

I would have liked to learn how to play the guitar.

I wish I had gone to university & studied sport science & furthered my fitness career.

4 Things don't know about me...

I suffered from Bulimia nervosa through my teenage years & early adult life. It really robbed me of a lot of fun times in life :(
Hind sight tells me I should have waited until I was a little older to start a family.
I would never part with any of my children, but I had my first child at 22 & didn't really experience much of life outside of motherhood, the major reason behind why I have never travelled!!

I have an intense fear of spiders & when I have to be brave & kill one I actually throw up!

I am vertically challenged, measuring a mere 163cm husband says what I lack in stature I certainly make up for in attitude...he keeps muttering something about me having little mans syndrome...LOL!!!

Well, now you know a little bit more about me. Crazy huh!!

 The deal is I tag 4 more people so here goes...

Now this was the difficult part as I luuuurve & stalk so many lovely blogs, but do drop by & catch up with these wonderful ladies if you haven;t already.
They write beautiful blogs, sharing their creativity, style & life's adventures & there is even a wonderful Etsy store or 2 for you to enjoy .

I would like to also extend a BIG THANK YOU to all of you lovely followers.
I love that you read my little blog with all of my ideas, desires & adventures.
I appreciate every comment you leave, full of encouragement &support.
 I am seriously addicted to reading every ones blogs each day, looking for that inspiration & motivation you all offer, not to mention the urge to catch up on whats going on in every ones world...What a wonderful group of friends I have made in the blogging community.

So Thank you everyone for your visits !

Trish xxx 


Unknown said...

I love finding out a little more about my bloggy friends.
I am off to find out a little more about the 4 tagged.....
Have a great day. Kx

Just Martha said...

Good job Trish, good job!! Nice to know a bit more about you!!!...

Raine and Sage said...

Great to learn more about you Trish. I like your dream bedroom! :) I had a spider on my steering wheel when I was driving today. I didn't throw up but it was unnerving. x

Tina said...

Hi Trish! LOVED learning more about you:) I learned that we have exactly the same reaction upon killing a spider...yep EXACTLY the same reaction ;( Also, when your children are grown up, you will still be young enough to enjoy your overseas, I will be doing it with a walking frame;) Thank you for tagging me, this looks like a lot of fun...but I think people are about to learn just how boring I really am!! Hope you are having a wonderful week so far~ xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Trish, great post! Loved learning new things about you, and you just proved what a funny and interesting lady you are. I found that you and I are quite similar in some ways, especially having kids young, and regretting not going to uni. (and the spider thing, but I just feel like throwing up, I never actually do!) Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed reading this.
Flick xo

Jane said...

Hi Trish This is the first time I've commented and I like what I see!

That bed does look inviting, I must say. However, I can't see it staying that clean on Planet Baby ☺. And kudos to you for being brave enough to admit to having had bulimia. You must be a strong woman to have put that behind you. Gosh, I had my first child at 35 - so different to you. I second Tina's comment there. Oh, and I'm 155 cm so you're tall to me!

I love the bloggers you've chosen (and snap! I also tagged Tina with this one) - I'll check out Georgy's blog now. Thanks for sharing, Trish. J x

Georgy said...

Great to learn more about you and thanks for tagging me. I will do a post on this tomorrow and hope I can follow your lead in making it interesting and very honest. I enjoyed reading it, thanks for sharing. G

Unknown said...

Hi Trish, it was great to learn a bit more about you. I just caught up on your house news and I am so disappointed for you. We looked at building before we bought this house and we were shocked at the quotes we received. We decided that we had to start smaller and work towards our dream house. It sounds like you won't have too much longer to wait for yours though. I hope you sell your investment properties soon and for a great price. xx

Blogs said...

I suffered in high school and could never stick a finger down my throat again to this day...unless I was so sick i needed to get it out of me but i had kids young and think the same sometimes but then i can't wait til they are just a little older because when all my friends who waited are having babies, i'm gonna be traveling the will u:)

Beautiful House said...

Hi Trish, what a great post. I really enjoy your blog. Enjoy your day.x

iheartart said...

Trish - your handbag sounds suspiciously like mine........


Honey I'm Home Blog said...

Thank you for this, Trish. It was fun to read your answers & get to know you better.

Warmly, Michelle

lisa mae said...

that was a fun read.......i always like these, makes me feel like i know you ehehehe...thanks trish lisa xx

count it all joy said...

Great post, Trish! A terrific way to get to know you better and I'm very touched that you've tagged me. Gosh, I'll have to try and think of something interesting now, rather than the drivell I normally carry on with:) Happy Weekend! Meredy xo.

Carolyn said...

Trish, I have just connected with your blog via Molly's Maison. From reading this you sound as though you are a lot like I was in my younger days, I didn't suffer from bulimia but other problems and consequently didn't travel much, but oh how I adore my two girls and now my three grandsons. We all live our lives though different experiences. love your blog.

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