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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bus Roll love!!

I have spent the past 2 years dreaming of owning my own Bus Roll on canvas, you know way back before they became trendy...
Well here I am still renting, SO still waiting, which has given me plenty of time for thinking & dreaming.
As they say, the best art, is the art that has meaning to you. This led me to the idea that my bus roll should be a story of our family, our own personalised journey of the houses with have lived in on our destination to our dream house.
My dream guy & I have moved houses a fair few times since we met, he feels I have an inner gypsy, so now I just need to save a few bucks & get my sign printed on canvas.
I have a few pics here that I used for inspiration, as I mentioned I have been saving these for about 2 years now so I don't know the sources...sorry!!!

As you can see they are a very versatile style of art work, looking good in all interior styles, contemporary, rustic, traditional, beachy...
 A must have item!!!

I have been following a lovely blog called My sweet prints & it must be fate because it turns out that Janette is a graphic designer & illustrator with an online store that prints personalised canvas bus scrolls, so I know exactly where to go when I'm ready to place my order. She is also situated in Sydney, Australia so I know its not a problem to have it shipped, YAY!!!!
 Go check out her gallery here

Do you have one of these fabulous works of art ?
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