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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Glam boudoir needs ottoman Help!!!

This is a pic of my bedroom at my last house, as you can see we never finished decorating, I hated the blue carpet & didn't want to invest time & money in adding art & other finishing touches until we had a nicer coloured carpet..
At the end of my bed you can see a blanket box....I would like to put a tufted ottoman in its place, BUT, have been unable to find something affordable here in OZ, I'm talking nothing under $1200. Needless to say when I look at US web sites they are only around $400, no one seems to ship such items to the land down under!!!!
WA WA WA, I think I should cry... sniff sniff!!!

ANYWAY, on with the story... I would like to make a cover for that blanket box, something that is removable as the dream guy loves his timber & would have a pink fit if he thought I was doing something, that a man would call destructive, to this matching piece of furniture.
I love this one but realize I'm not going to get that look with a slip style cover, so I thought I could add something that resembles a skirt

Something a little like this round ottoman. To me this looks rather formal, which I don't mind as I plan to hang chandeliers quite low over my bedside tables rather than lamps to dress things up & add a little girlie glamour. I'm looking towards a very elegant, romantic & feminine style boudoir(dream guy has his man cave.... I mean shed ,for his masculine style to shine) I will still be using the same heavy timber bedroom suite. I do love the bed & side tables, so softening them with an ottoman & chandeliers should do the trick, What do you think?

I love the look of this ottoman, it tends to add a soft & cosy feeling to the room.

I would also like to add a mantel piece with a mirror in it like this one, but my dream guy thinks that just looks like an unfinished fireplace, so I have some convincing to do in that area!! I myself think it adds to the romance & glam factor.Although I will also be hanging a television on the wall above that lovely mantle, we still have to live with the practical parts of life, no matter how unattractive they are !

These are my inspiration pics for the bedside chandeliers

Don't you just love it...

This is the chosen chandelier from Beacon lighting

So any advice, pointers or tutorials on making my tufted ottoman cover would be greatly appreciated & what do you think of my design plan for my glam style master bedroom???

Trish xx


Janette said...

Love your ideas Trish, I don't know how to make a cover for the chest but (just thinking out loud here) if you got a piece of plywood cut to the size of the top of the chest you could then attach the skirt and the padded top etc to it lik you would when uphostering a chair??? Then you could just lift it off and get into the chest when you needed? I dont know but maybe that helps. Can't wait to see your romantic boudoir come together, my romantic boudoir is in progress, very slow progress though :) Have a great weekend.

Jenny said...

Hi Trish, Love the idea of the tufted chest and skirt would work well on your blanket box. I am sure Ange at 'Chair up' could give you some tips on the tufting. You could also introduce some candles of varying heights on your mantel for the romantic look? That should work with your chandeliers.

Green Willow Pond said...

I had this great idea...then saw Janette had already thought of it! LOL! I would suggest if you did make a plywood topper, that you line the bottom of it with felt, so as not to scratch the original top of the chest.

McCarthy Designs said...

What a lovely idea Trish, there are some great tips above. I love the idea of twim chandy's and I am so impressed that you have convinced Mr Dream Guy to go along with it! I am still working on my hubby to agree to a chandy somewhere in the house! xx

{The Classy Woman} said...

I loved tufted, upholstered chests with storage. :)

I wanted to thank you for stopping by, commenting and following my blog. I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Ann said...

Girl, check out some of the ottoman covers made outta drop cloths, and get a big, striped rag rug or dhurrie to cover up most of the dark blue carpet. Paint the nightstands off-white or cream, distressed, leave the tops of them wood- stained. It will look good! Paint a replica of that sign over the bed in the last photo-or decoupage one- I love that! I love the first & last bedroom inspiration photos--you are close! ann@ housefinally.blogpsot

lisa said...

janette, you took the words right out of my mouth.......mdf a bit cheaper than plywood and then all you'd need is foam, glue, material, staplegun, felt is a great idea (hadn't thought of that one) and whatever pretty domes you want.......i love the dome and velevet look, i have a few purchases off ebay i'll share on my blog if you like???? love diy's xx

Trish said...

I knew you guys would be a great help, what fabulous tips. I will definateltl go with making the top on mdf, awesome....Jenny Thank you for the candle idea, thats a keeper. Ann, the photo is from a previous house, i no longer live there so I dont need to worry about the carpet, building from scratch so I can choose exactly what I want & dream guy would NEVER in a million years allow a paint brush near his timber, LOL.! Lisa I will keep an eye out for this post with your ebay finds!!!
Thanks everyone xxxx

Lis said...

Beautiful ideas! I wish I could be this creative when decorating my own house!

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!

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