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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Have you got a basement?

Have you got a basement at your house?
In my dream house plan we do have a downstairs area, that, could almost be classed as a basement really.
It will open at one end which will be the garage, providing enough space to park 2 cars. It will also open at the back of the house, which is the only place where we will have windows, the rest will be underground.

Finished Basement modern family room

We want to use part of the area for the kids activity room, so it needs to house a TV & desk area for computers, some shelving for books & toy storage.There will be a small bathroom down here as well.

Basement rec room media room

We will also have a sofa bed here for guests to sleep on as we won't be having a guest bedroom.

Basement Remodeling Projects executed by our TBF Dealers. eclectic

Basement Remodeling Projects executed by our TBF Dealers. eclectic

This is how I intend to use the rest of my basement space. I love owning my own exercise equipment & it gets used by my teenage daughters as well as myself (when Im not to busy blogging).
The challenge will be incorporating all of these uses into this space & still making it visually appealing.I would like to make it a relaxed & fun space as upstairs will have more of a formal feel to it!

I will be trying to create zones without blocking the natural light, seen as though we only have windows at one end of the room.
 There will obviously be a wall to close the garage off from this area.

Recreational Room contemporary media room

I'm sure this is what my dream guy would LIKE to see in the basement!!!

Ryan Associates - New Homes - Northern California Residence mediterranean staircase

Doesn't this cute door just make you want to take a peak inside....

Leschi traditional family room

There is nothing like a window seat to add a feeling of cosiness.

The basement or downstairs area is all stuff that we will be completing after we move in, rather than paying our builder, as it adds to much onto the cost of the house. I am glad about this as I am a very visual person & feel I am going to need to see this area before I can design a decent layout for the furniture & gym equipment.

If you have any advice, ideas or images feel free to send them my way, I will be starting with a brick shell, plumbing for a bathroom & a stair case, so anything is possible.

Trish xx

All images via Houzz
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