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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I think I saw a ghost chair !

Who doesn't love the look of a ghost chair?
I have previously mentioned how much I adore them & several fellow bloggers have informed me that they are indeed comfortable, SOOO, eventually I will be letting my dream guy know that YES his crazy wife really does want to purchase a couple of these very stylish but virtually invisible chairs!!!
Having a complete lack of interest in anything design related, including fashion, I'm guessing he will scoff at the mere mention of spending his hard earned cash on anything that isn't a tool or doesn't catch a fish, but, fear not fellow bloggers & decorators, nagging, whining & giving the cold shoulder work a treat for this little princess, just don't tell him, LOL!!!

Image via willow decor
I would like my replica ghost chairs to serve me loyaly as desk chairs.

Image via VT Interiors

Because they are clear I will sell them to my dream guy by stating that they visually disappear & therefore reduce the appearance of clutter...
He is a neat & tidy kind a guy!!!

Image via Janet Ewen

 Image via House to Home

They make a lovely addition to this kitchen
Domino Deco Files eclectic dining room
Image via houzz

I am constantly drawn to this image, its so light & airy & almost sparse, not to mention that fabulous candelabra in the corner.
I really do like the look of lots of  glass with silver & white.

Image via House to home

They look fabulous in so many decor styles, especially with a tulip table.

Image via Patricia Gray interiors

Once again paired with glass allowing that fabulous chandelier to take centre stage.

Image via Manolo brides

Can you imagine them as the chairs for your wedding reception, the bride would look as if she was floating, how magical.

Image via willow decor

You can even dress them up with a sheer or lace style slip cover if you get board.

Image from Sarah Richardson

They also make a glamorous addition to a bathroom vanity.

I have discovered so many online stores where you can purchase them & they start at as little as $159( Aussie dollars that is)

image via Obeedoh
Get a full size chair for yourself & a baby size louis for the kids in a colour to co ordinate with their bedroom!!!

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