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Friday, June 11, 2010

A concept Plan for the Dream House - Part1

 After drawing up my own very amateur plans for our dream house it was time to take it to the architect. We have chosen the builder we would like to use & he will liaise with the architect to ensure our house is designed exactly how we want it.
This is the first draft & there are many changes to be made but I thought I would share this process right from the beginning, perhaps you may have some great suggestions....

This is the view from the front. My dream guy really wanted a portico for our guests  to park under...I didn't !We agreed that if something was to be cut from the budget this would be it, BUT, as luck would have it , now he has seen this drawing, he no longer likes the portico, so its going...this makes me happy!!!

I can't wait to see what the next draft looks like without the portico...

This is the back of the dream house, our block slopes away at the back so we are able to utilize this space by putting our garages, gym, kids area & storage all downstairs.
This end is not exactly how I had envisioned it but we will get some changes made here as well, this small side window on the bottom level should actually be a door, there should be a side window upstairs.That is the kitchen area upstairs & from that corner, you get the best view, so it would be a shame to just look at a kitchen wall & the pergola should be on the downstairs level.

I love the look of sketched versions.
Front view

Back view

I'm loving the upstairs alfresco area, it opens up from the kitchen & the view from there will be amazing!!

This is the view from ground level, the floor level for the alfresco is 3m higher than here.

Let me know what you think, any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Trish xx
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