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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A dream childs Fairy Tale

My dream child No.1 is a very creative soul & is studying art & photography for her HSC. This is a sneak peek of her  Yr 11 major art work.
The title of this creative piece is "Snow white in Never land"
Dream child No.1 has worked tirelessly on this project, making costumes out of garbage bags...
she has stretched, melted , ironed & sewn a multitude of coloured garbage bags to create her version of Snow white, Tinkerbell & a lost boy. She made a newspaper hat, arm & wrist bands from wool & feathers, painted  & feathered a set of fairy wings  & even created a giant  80's style hair bow for Snow white from a strawberry scented garbage bag, not to mention the make up, face paint & hair teasing that added the final finishing touch. 
My house was a MESS!!!  

This is the artist herself!!!

Tinkerbell, our dream child No.4

The lost boy, our dream child No.3

He really did enjoy posing for the camera!!!

The gorgeous Snow white is a best friend

they climbed into all sorts of awkward places...


Don't you just love these wings...


Mother nature was kind enough to provide her with a perfectly sunny winters day...


Tinkerbell enjoyed every moment of her modelling career!!!

Hours of work have gone into this garbage bag tutu & corset.

There are over 300 photos of the day in many locations & now it all has to be presented  into her version of a vintage story book, there is editing to be done & a fairytale to be written ,but I think she will get great marks just for the costumes & the concept itself.

I wonder what wonderful creation she will come up with for her final work next year before she graduates?

Good Luck my dream girl !!!!Posted by Picasa
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