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Thursday, August 5, 2010

House Update & a big Thank you!

I love these chandeliers over the bedsides & think I have convinced my dream guy that its the perfect idea for our master bedroom, I haven't shown him any pics as yet, I just talk about how much I want them, veeerryyy regularly!!!

Just a quick post to say a
When I wrote about my concept plan & how I wanted my dream house to look, I asked for your ideas & suggestions on things I was unsure about  & I couldn't have gotten a better response.
You guys offered so much encouragement & helpful tips, I know I'm going to get all the advice & assistance I need just right here.
 For this I want to say Thank you & here is what I have learned:

image via Decor Pad

Two mirrors in the ensuite is the preferred choice,
wouldn't it be just Divine to be the lucky girl who owns this beautiful bathroom.

Image via Elements at home

Then there was the kitchen island & some fabulous tips...

I don't recall where I got this image from but this is another island I really adore, nice & simple but stylish,
Don't you think?

You suggested I make sure it is deep enough to ensure the kids don't put dirty foot prints on the back panel, you would think this would be a no brainer as the rental we are living in has gyprock(plaster) as the back panel at the breakfast bar & it is always filthy.
 So thanks for this reminder.
Another fabulous suggestion was to put a power point on the side of the island & that is definitely going on the electrical plan, certainly very practical & logical suggestions.

I really do appreciate your ideas, I have put so much thought into planning this house, but, there will always be things I will miss, no matter how much I stare at the plans & measure everything insight.

Trish xxx

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