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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fab Finds are fueling Frustration !

All of this saving for actual bricks & mortar is beginning to get very boring!!!
My life has been on HOLD for the past 18months while we plan & save toward
 our dream house. The whole planning stage is dragging out for far to long. I guess that is the price you pay when choosing a reputable builder, that has a reputation for quality, he has a huge work load & I am not his only client, BUMMER, I want it all done YESTERDAY!!!
I know, whinge moan, poor me, having to wait for a new house, I sound like such a spoilt whiny brat....
Its your fault....
All of you clever people who are making the most amazing things & then selling them on etsy or made it
I want soooooo many new things, but I can't, I'm saving & not to mention, I don't have any walls on which to hang this art.
So I am making a wish list to share with you all, I'm sure you will love it!!!

First stop McCarthy Designs Nellie & her husband Nick have an Etsy store where they sell cards & prints of their amazing photography.

These are just 2 of my favourites, but I love the whole range they have on display.

Next stop
My Summer House where Laura makes the most divine cushions

Laura changes her designs regularly, but I think no matter which one you chose it would add a little romance to any room, drop by her etsy shop for a browse

Now time to pop on by & peruse Ledamae Design 

Lisa has some very creative hand painted art work for sale at her Made it store & she regularly sells at Markets in the Melbourne area. She certainly keeps very busy

Now Janette at  My Sweet Prints is seriously killing me, I desperately want one of her custom  vintage bus scrolls, I even have my destinations written out ready for my big day, you know the day when the dream guy says, "Alright alright, enough with the nagging, will you just go order the  #*#@*#  thing"

Now Janette has a Website an  Etsy store  & a Made it store so there are plenty of  options for purhcasing some of her awesome art for your home, just make sure you leave something for me, I won't be saving forever you know!

Michelle over at Paper Tree Design.
has a wonderful array of beautiful creations that are all hand cut from the pages of old books. Now she does state that she only uses the pages from books that have been previously damaged & that no vintage books have been harmed in the process.

Michelle has her art readily available at her made it store,  Etsy store  or  Blue Caravan  site.
I think Michelle's art is very romantic & would team up nicely with Laura's cushions, don't you think?

Now this is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to my creative blogger wish list & in no order of preference, but I'm sure now you can see my dilemma, even if I wasn't saving, or waiting on a more permanent home, there is so much tempting eye candy on display here, where does one start her spending & most importantly, where does one stop?
 Is anyone else suffering with this same dilemma or have you already been shopping with these creative ladies?
If you haven't already seen their work you really need to stop by & take a peak,
You made need to freeze your credit card in a bucket of water before you look, otherwise the bank manager, AKA, husband may begin to rant!!! 

So grab a cuppa & start shopping fellow bloggers, & be sure to brag, that way I can live thru your purchases...HeHeHe!!!

Trish xxx


Unknown said...

You are so sweet Trish! Thank you for the lovely mention of our Etsy shop. If it's any consolation I know exactly how you feel. With Hubby's business still getting established I have promised to not spend money if it isn't necessary. I love all of the shops you mentioned and everytime they post something new my first instinct is to buy it! One day we can and it will be worth it. xx

Tara said...

Oh Trish,I shouldn't have visited you today because now I'm going to have to check out Laura's shop and I know it's going to cost me some..
Just think how fun it's going to be to decorate your fab new home..xx

Just Martha said...

When my babies were little and I had noooo money I would go to a big store like Myers, buy something, take it back, buy something else, take it back, buy something else.... That was my hobby although i did live in fear that they would discover my new career and black list

Anonymous said...

Great post Trish! I actulally have exactly the same issue - no money and no house and I am just sitting on my hands (and purse) so as not to succumb to temptation. So many spoils to tempt us! I have this romantic notion, that once the house is built (and we have even less money) that I will purchase one little thing from each of my blogger friends to have them as part of our new home. I'm also seriously tempted by Letitia's White Shed online store. So many clever and inspiring people.
X Briohny.

Blogs said...

those sound and look to be amazing etsy shops...i will def. look into them:) everything will fall into place soon for's sucking right now but it will all be beautiful soon:) xoxo

melissa said...

Hi Trish,
These are such gorgeous finds (I just love Laura's cushions, she is so talented!)
Thanks for following, you were my 50th follower at the same time I was your 100th :))
Hope you are having a lovely week,
Melissa xx

Laura said...

Hi trish, you are such a sweetie! It was such a lovely surprise to scroll down and see my cushions there!! I wasnt expecting it, thankyou!!! Oh, and Tara did buy a cushion!! thankyou for sending her my way!!!!! How long do you think till you move into your home? Just think how much fun you are going to have! You can seriously hit the shops then and make up for lost time!!! love to you sweet lady!
Laura xxxx

Natalie @ Blossoming Visions said...

Hahaha! I love this post because I can relate. I just purchased my home 2 months ago and the penny jar is empty! I waited about 15 months and all my savings was emptied in one shot. Now I'm back to square one in the saving dept, and I'm left to pine over everything that everyone else is doing in their homes or buying for it. I've been sticking with thrift stores, and next will be craigslist. Thanks for showing me these etsy shops because now I know where to begin. Have a fabulous weekend my dear...Oh and if your husband gets snippy with your delightful ranting just dazzle him with your finger trick. haha. said...

Peoples creativity always inspires me. What a wonderful collection of treasures.

Natasha @ Northern Light Design said...

So nice to meet you Trish, I love that you stopped by Northern Light, love even more that you left me a comment, and thrilled that you liked it so much, that you now are following!!! YEAH!

I look forward to reading through your blog, getting to know you :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Northern Light

Millie said...

Lovely sites to drool over Trish - very dangerous!
Millie ^_^

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