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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The story of the man cave

Every tradesmen needs a good shed, so whilst I am still dreaming up this fabulous house, my Dream guy  has already constructed HIS dream shed!!!!

Now this isn't just any shed, this is his other home. This is a guy that lives in his shed, always tinkering, always creating something or relaxing with his mates over a nice cold beer!!! No man ever knocks on our front door,they all head for the shed. We have known guys that have visited on a weekly basis for years, but have never set foot in our house, hence the shed & its presentation are of the utmost importance.Not to mention my dream guy is also self employed so the shed is also the workshop!!!

So the slab went down....
Now this slab wasn't smooth sailing like you would expect when you hire professionals, it went horribly WRONG!!!
Against every one's advice the concrete guy poured the concrete with rain forecast & before they had even finished levelling it the rain began, it poured....for days... the concrete was ruined.
After weeks of arguments, ridiculous attempts at cheap fixes & a very stressed dream guy, they ended pouring a whole new slab... PHEW... dream guy can be happy ,the man cave was getting a quality floor, crisis over!!!!

an evening shot of the frame construction...

This was taken from the street behind our block, thankfully the tradesmen that erected the shed where a little more professional in their job than the concretor. The man cave was erected by a couple of perfectionists...

Once construction was complete we had things moved here in shipping containers that we already owned & had painted the same colour as the shed  My dream guys  business was ready to roll once again.
We have since sold the shipping containers, so thankfully they are gone & wont be a part of my view!

Like the true perfectionist & organisational nut he is, storage shelves have been built & everything has its place.
The man cave was done...of course there will be upgrades & some home style comforts added, BUT, as I keep reminding him
NOT before I get a house!!!!

Trish xxx

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