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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another shopping temptation

Natalie at Blossoming Visions , recently did a lovely post about Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa . Debbie has a wonderful website & on line store as well as a very informative blog, there are many things in her store I fell in love with, but I think these two little items will be on my MUST HAVE list for my dream kitchen

I would love to hang this gorgeous bakery sign in my kitchen, it would not just look fabulous, it would also create a very jovial talking point in my home, seen as though I am very well known by my family & friends for not being very "into" the whole cooking experience!
I imagine I would come home one day to see a sticker stuck on it so it says "OFF the premises", my family do love a good joke!!!!
Drop by The curious Sofa & take a peek, there is also an extensive range of jewelry to tempt you.

When you are done shopping at the curious sofa I hope you saved a few pennies.  You really need to swing by & check out the fabulous range of home wares, furniture & jewelry Letitia over at
The White Shed, blog &   online store has to tempt you with.

Now anyone that has been following my blog would know just how much I have been dreaming of owning a Venetian Mirror someday & this one is not only gorgeous but is also really nicely priced

 A couple of topiary in pots would be rather charming on the mantle don't you think

& of course a set if finial book ends to dress up the book case are definitely in order.
Now I do apologize for creating so much temptation for all of you that are on a strict budget, just like me, but, its all Briohny's fault from over at French Doors and Verandahs, she reminded me in a comment to go take a peek at The White shed, what a lovely bloggy friend.

Without further ado, I shall let you all go off & be tempted by these fantastic online stores.
 Don't you just love it when you can shop in such glamorous & stylish stores whilst still wearing your PJ's & a bed head!

Trish xxx


Ez said...

Perhaps you need to changed that sign to "Bread and Pastries delivered freshly to the premises" ;-)

Paper Tree Studio said...

My family would similarly deface that sign as I too do not cook!
Don't you just love The White Shed, and so resonably priced too! Thanks for sharing Curious Sofa with us all - I'll go over now and have a look because I desperately need to be hooked on another cool shopping site, not! Hope your having a great weekend. Michelle

The Wool Acorn said...

Oh, I love all of them... but especially the topiaries!!! That's just what my living room needs!!!

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

Thanks so much for your lovely link to my shop and for featuring my products on your blog! Letitia xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry Trish! But if I like the White Shed then I knew you would too! Funny, I was shopping yesterday (for Fathers Day) ans saw so many tempting treats. I had a giggle and thought of you!
X Briohny.

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

Hi Trish, What a wonderful job you have--picking out all these great things for your dream home. I am enjoying vicariously!

Warmly, Michelle

Jenny said...

Hi Trish, check your email! ;-)

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